AJS Action Alert: Help Rein in Eric Holder

Americans for Job Security Action Alert:  Help Rein In Eric Holder

With the stroke of a pen, the Eric Holder Department of Justice has opened the floodgates for the largest and quickest expansion of gambling in a generation - all with no oversight, input or public deliberation. This is not just about gambling though...


This is about the Obama and Holder Justice Department bypassing Congress and overturning 50 years of law - all with the stroke of a pen.

This is about an Administration which views the proper constitutional channels to lawmaking an impediment.

And this is about an Administration that seeks whatever means necessary to increase the size and scope of government and aid states in any effort to avoid making the right decisions to reform and right size their budgets.

Join us as we tell Congress that they need to act in order to rein in this unprecedented action by the Holder Justice Department.  Visit StopDOJGamblingFreeForAll.org today and write to your Member of Congress.  Tell them laws should be made by democracy, not bureaucracy.