Higher Ed Bubble: Why are feds ignoring college swindles?

For several months, the Obama Department of Education and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), among others, have been engaged in a war on for-profit career colleges. Forget for a moment that this aggressive regulatory and legislative assault is hypocritical at a time when the administration is planning to dole out an additional $8 billion taxpayer handout to failing community colleges, many of which have graduation rates and student debt rates comparable to for-profit career schools.

We now discover that many four-year non-profit schools, which benefit tremendously from taxpayer “generosity,” perform worse than the bad apples in either the for-profit or community colleges sectors.

The question is: Where is the big federal report (like the bogus and debunked GAO report against for-profits) calling attention to these schools and others like them?  Are the only schools subject to Washington scrutiny those in the private sector?



The Fiscal Times: 11 Public Universities With The Worst Graduation Rates

"...One force behind these disappointing statistics are America’s for-profit schools, which have garnered plenty of media attention for being “dropout factories” that send students out into the workforce with major debt and few skills. But there are a number of four-year public universities, funded in part by taxpayer dollars, which have graduation rates that are just as bad ― or worse ― as their for-profit counterparts..."