Los Angeles is likely to vote to ban plastic and paper grocery bags

On May 23rd, Los Angeles is likely to vote to ban plastic and paper grocery bags and mandate the use of virus-spreading and diarrhea-inducing reusable bags.   A number of conservatives online have weighed in on this issue and the sheer “idiocy” (to quote one) of this needless and jobs-killing government overreach. (See below)

Just to underscore the stupidity of it all, I thought I would send you one leftist environmentalists point of view as a parting shot before Los Angeles takes the plunge.  This is the brilliance on display:

“Think of all the jobs we’d create here in California if everyone were allowed to have their own nuclear bomb. My neighbor Phil might even think twice before blowing all his leaves over on my yard if he suspected I had the power to send him and his leaf blower to another dimension.

“Everyone would want one, and the manufacturing jobs with great benefits would bless this Golden State. What? Too dangerous? But what about the jobs?

“This is the major complaint the Los Angeles City Council is facing as it prepares to vote May 23 on whether to phase out the use of plastic and paper bags at supermarkets.”

As I said, it’s pretty stupid.  Here’s what some smarter people have had to say:

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