NH House Speaker Comments on Superior Court Decision to Throw Out Final Argument by Manchester on Redistricting


CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today offered the following comments in response to the decision by Hillsborough North Superior Court Judge Ken Brown to dismiss the efforts of the City of Manchester to continue their litigation in the redistricting case, despite the New Hampshire Supreme Court tossing out the legal basis for the City’s claims in a decision in June.  The other four litigants to the original case all dropped their suits, but Manchester continued.  In the ruling, Judge Brown wrote, “The Manchester petitioners’ request to continue this case on remand is therefore DENIED.  The Manchester petitioners have not represented that any outstanding issues beyond those subject to this opinion remain to be adjudicated in this case.  Accordingly, the Manchester petitioners’ petition is DISMISSED with prejudice.” (Emphasis added.)

House Speaker William O’Brien

“While it was certainly reasonable to expect that there would be a challenge to the implementation of a new constitutional amendment, the choice by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to continue this case after the Supreme Court ruling was a colossal waste of both taxpayer funds and the court’s time.  The fact that the Court decided to dismiss this case with prejudice clearly demonstrates this was a frivolous fishing expedition that accomplished nothing.  All of the other litigants realized this, which is why they dropped the case.  In the end, this meritless continuation cost roughly $13,000, plus the cost to the courts, to continue unnecessarily.  I would ask the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to consider reimbursing the state for this upshifting of costs to the hardworking taxpayers of New Hampshire.”



Attachment (1): Order in Redistricting Case