NH House Moves to Intervene, Reconsider in Court Case Relative to Voter Registration Forms

Ensure that Legislative Intent is Included

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today announced that the House of Representative has moved to intervene in the Hannah Rivers v. State of New Hampshire case relative to the implementation of a law passed this year, Senate Bill 318.  The motion also requests reconsideration of the Strafford Superior Court judge’s earlier ruling to offer an injunction against a portion of the law.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Today, the House is moving to intervene in this case and ask for reconsideration in order to ensure that the legislative intent of Senate Bill 318 is presented to the court.  Unfortunately, in its legal arguments before the Superior Court, the Department of Justice failed to state the very reason why the Legislature passed this bill.  Without that reason being stated, the Supreme Court would not have a true opportunity to consider why this law is in effect if this went straight to appeal.  Consequently, it is vital we ask for reconsideration to ensure that the constitutionality of the law becomes part of the record.  It’s unfortunate that the Attorney General’s office hasn’t made the strongest case for this law, but the House is committed to giving this duly-passed law the defense it deserves.  The people of New Hampshire clearly understand that if someone lives in another state, they should vote there, and if they live here, they should vote in New Hampshire.  They also know that if you live here and are voting here, you must become a resident.  I have met with the Secretary of State and he fully supports this effort, and realizes that this is a necessary step in preserving this important law.”

Motion To Reconsider

Motion to Intervene