What Transparency Looks Like In Obama Administration!

Dear Bob,

As you may know, EPA released a new batch of "Richard Windsor" emails late last Friday night.  You would think this would have us pouring through the emails, gleaning information on what EPA administrator Lisa Jackson (ie, "Richard Windsor") had to say about energy policy-related matters. Except for the fact the emails were heavily redacted.  So we thought you might want to have a look for yourself.  See William Yeatman's post about it on Globalwarming.org, excerpted below.
  This is what the "most transparent administration in history" seems to consider full disclosure.

CEI Communications Director

What EPA Transparency Looks Like in Most Open, Honest Administration Ever

by William Yeatman on February 22, 2013

First, it was 1,200 emails of the Washington Post daily headlines, Google alerts of everything written about the Environmental Protection Agency on a given day and a compendium of blogs that mentioned the EPA. Then, having had their fun, EPA officials got serious in the second tranche of emails they released to CEI late Friday, pursuant to a court ruling that ordered the agency to comply with our FOIA requests. This time, we got actual emails … that revealed a lot … about the fine art of redaction. Remember, this is the production of the most powerful regulatory agency of the most transparent administration in history. “We have nothing to hide,” the EPA has told us. Sure doesn’t seem that way to us:

> See a bunch more of redacted emails