American Thinker - Common Core: Nationalized State-Run Education

From American Thinker:

Common Core, the new federal education standards, may look delicious; but before you take a bite out of the apple, it might be a good idea to know a razor is inside.

Like all Orwellian euphemisms, “Common Core” is not about innocent ideas like the word “common” or the term “core.” The phrase “Common Core” is used to hide the real aspects of an education policy which if articulated openly would never be taken seriously, let alone be implemented.

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Common Core is a new federal curriculum requirement  that homogenizes education, dumbs it down, and creates a Union nirvana where all teachers will be unionized. Merit will no longer be a requirement for advancement by the students or the teachers. Children will be forced as they mostly are today to attend a government school.

But if you want those Federal dollars they are bribing you and I with we must play along.

I'm certainly not against the Federal government supplying the State with suggestions and analytics to back up their suggestions. However they need to stop making aid from them contingent on anything other than number of students attending school, with perhaps an additional amount to cover any mandates like Special Education requirements.

A well run Federal Department of Education needs about 100 people to manage the data from their assigned territories and a small number of administrators, data analysts and someone to write the checks to the States and balance their budget! It is clearly the job of the States to educate the children of their citizens.

Common Core is just one more crack in our Republic moving the country to a single socialized government. The States keep abdicating their power and authority to the Federal government. One day they will wake up and realize they have given away the whole thing and they are now functionaries of the federal bureaucracy.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura