Terrorism Affects Small Town NH

Last year 2012 the Annual Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks had to be cancelled at the last minute after what was considered a credible threat was received by the police and Festival organizers. This resulted in a huge financal loss for the company, Atlas Pyrotechnics, the Organizers of the Festival of Fireworks the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce, the many vendors who had purchased products and food to sell, and the Silver Ranch Airpark where the Festival was held. How much was lost, I don't know the exact number but the attendance was usually about 20,000 to 30,000 people. That is a lot of hotdogs and soda, not to mention the entrance fees for that many people, and the extra pay received by the 100's of police and firemen!

All were hoping for a better year this year to make up for the loses.

However, the new reality of a potential event happening put tremendous pressure on the organizers and the police to come up with a strategy to protect the Festival attendees. The result was so costly as to make the event no longer a vialble option to raise funds for all the various non-profits in the Jaffrey area.

So many questions arise. Have we become so soft that we have to have absolute security at everything we do? Have we become a police state, where only events controlled by the police and military will be allowed? Are we letting the terrorists win when we cave in and stop enjoying our freedom as Americans? I'm sure you can come up with a bunch more questions.