NRSC - NH Senate: Shaheen Camp Alarmed

Just a heads up…. Interesting that as the DSCC cracks jokes that don't make much sense, one noteworthy person isn't laughing about last night's news.  Jeanne Shaheen's campaign emailed supporters moments ago proclaiming, "This is serious: Brown's campaign spent $40 million in 2012."  (email excerpt below). 

If you are writing on the topic, feel free to quote me: "Senator Shaheen is a nice lady, but she would tax the fall foliage to fund bigger government if Granite Staters would let her get away with it. Jeanne Shaheen lost a Senate race once and will again when middle class families are reminded just how much of their money she's wasted and how little she's accomplished in return. One's record trumps their rhetoric."

Brad Dayspring
Communications Director
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Shaheen Campaign Fundraising Letter To Supporters From Husband Bill Shaheen
"Last night, Scott Brown – yes, Massachusetts's Scott Brown – announced he "isn't ruling out" running against Jeanne in New Hampshire. He’s planning four trips here in the next five weeks."  
"This is serious: Brown's campaign spent $40 million in 2012. Most of that went to lie-filled attack ads. He'll try the same thing against Jeanne – and with Wall Street bankers Karl Rove and the Tea Party Super PACs behind him, he could raise even more."