Newsmax - Letters Link Jeanne Shaheen to IRS Targeting Scandal

Tuesday, 04 Nov 2014 07:53 AM

By Melanie Batley

New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was among six U.S. Senators who exchanged correspondence with a top official at the IRS about cracking down on the political activity of tax-exempt groups, The Daily Caller reports.

Letters obtained by the Caller show that in 2012, the IRS wrote to Shaheen and the other Senators after they contacted then-IRS commissioner Doug Shulman expressing concern about new nonprofit groups engaging in political activity.

"The IRS is aware of the current public interest in this issue," IRS chief counsel William Wilkins personally wrote in a hand-stamped memo on Treasury Department letterhead, according to the Caller.

"We will consider proposed changes in this area as we work with Tax-Exempt and Government Entities and the Treasury Department's Office of Tax Policy to identify tax issues that should be addressed" in designing new regulations and "guidance," Wilkins wrote.

The agency tried to avoid releasing the correspondences, according to the Caller, delaying their release to a major conservative super PAC several times and threatening the group with court action. The PAC, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, which was targeted by the agency for scrutiny, had called on the release of the communications in a Freedom of Information Act request.[...]

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