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Carly For America - New Parody Video: "Anybody But Carly (ABC)" Network

MANCHESTER, NH - CARLY for America released a parody video, "Anybody But Carly (ABC)” Network.

"We made a parody of ABC and Disney just like they made a parody out of our debate process. The arbitrary standards set by ABC lack grounding or knowledge of the political process or respect for the role New Hampshire voters play in the First in the Nation Primary. Despite not being included in the last debate Carly beat two establishment favorites and she will do so again on Tuesday. 

“The standards set by Disney's ABC are so arbitrary and nonsensical one is left to believe they must be purposeful to protect Hillary from her most effective critic. The Manhattan media executives need to swallow their pride and do what is right by voters. Disney, ABC, and the RNC need to stop rigging the game and must listen to voters and include Carly," said Stephen DeMaura, Executive Director of CARLY for America

Click here to view the video



"Saturday on ABC, the Anybody But Carly Network: The Republican Presidential Debate. Tune in as we exclude Carly Fiorina but include people she beat. 

"On Anybody But Carly, we rig the game.

"She's rising in the polls, beat Kasich and Christie in Iowa, tied with Bush in delegates.

"And unlike all of them, she has actually won debates before. Taking it to Hillary Clinton like nobody else can.

"But on Disney's ABC, we've frozen Carly out. 

"Turned the debate inside out. 

"All part of our Mickey Mouse operation." `


Carly For America - #LetCarlyDebate: ABC News excludes one candidate!


Sign this petition and #LetCarlyDebate


Seven of the eight Republican presidential candidates will be invited to the ABC News Debate on Saturday.


In other words, everyone except Carly. 


Here are the facts: 

  • Carly beat Governors Christie and Kasich in the Iowa Caucuses this week, and has the same number of delegates as Governors Bush and Kasich (note: Governor Christie has zero)
  • She is polling ahead of Dr. Carson in New Hampshire
  • She has twice(!) the cash-on-hand as either Governors Christie or Kasich
  • She is already on the ballot in 32 states 


Sign the petition by 3 p.m. ET on Thursday or else it's too late. 


Demand that the media stop inserting itself in our election process and allow voters the chance to hear a serious presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina!


-Katie Hughes
Communications Director
CARLY for America



Americans For A Free Republic - A New Equal Rights Amendment                                                      

 A New Equal RightsAmendment

Nelson Hultberg

EqualRights: The Foundation ofAmerica "The true foundation of republican government is the equal right of every citizen,   in his person and property, and in their management." - Thomas Jefferson[1]

The fundamental principle of the Declaration of Independence, which undergirds our political and legal systems in this country, is that all citizens possess "equal rights under the law." Our whole concept of rights is based upon their being equal for all citizens of the Republic. This was the guiding star of justice that spawned America and which sustained her through the first 125 years of her existence. In 1913, however, there took place a most shameful default on this concept of "equal rights" with adoption of the 16th Amendment, which allowed Congress to enact an income tax with unequal (i.e., progressive) rates. This default by our pundits and politicians was challenged at the time by numerous outraged legal minds, but due to the prevailing socialist sentiment taking over the culture at the turn of the century, their challenge did not prevail. Too many powerful voices had gotten swept up in the egalitarian vision of Karl Marx, and they decided that government's purpose was to coercively implement such a vision. Tax policy became one of the tools with which to bring about such a leveling of society. Collectivist irrationality won the day, and it has lasted for 100 years, despite the fact that progressive tax rates are clearly unconstitutional. The reason why progressive tax rates are unconstitutional in America is because different classes of society are assessed different rates under such a system, which denies American citizens an equal right to the disposal of their property (i.e., income) and thus denies them equal protection under the laws of the land.  If the State can take arbitrary(unequal) percentages of our incomes because 51% of the voters deem it desirable, then we no longer have a right to the use of our property. We have only the permission for that use, and only so long as we dutifully serve the reigning political powers. There can be no justification for such a tax system. It is contrary to everything for which America stands. As the great Scottish economist J.R. McCulloch stated 170 years ago, "The moment you abandon the cardinal principle of extracting from all individuals the same proportion of their income or of their property, you are at sea without a rudder or compass, and there is no amount of injustice or folly you may not commit." [2] Under our present system, the blindfolded Goddess of Justice has been allowed to peek. "Tell me first who you are and what you earn," she says, "then I will tell you how the tax laws apply to you." This is privilege and arbitrary law, the harbingers of every tyranny throughout history. 

Equal Rights vs. Equal Results 

A federal government stripped of wasteful programs could be financed by a flat 10% tax rate. Collectivists protest at this point, claiming that equal-rate taxation would be unfair to those with lower incomes. The "results of life" must be evened out for those who haven't achieved as much. But as we have seen, if the government is going to try and bring about equal results in life, it must violate the equal rights of its citizens to their property and its disposal. This is not legitimate policy in America. Those with less in life must be helped through private and church related charities. Government cannot overrule our rights to enhance the status of interest groups deemed "special" by Washington.  Fairness and justice can never be achieved by the violation of rights! Because the "majority will" votes for such a violation does not justify it. Our rights to equality under the law and the disposal of our property can never be put up for vote. The law must be the same for everyone. This is why the Goddess of Justice wears a blindfold. To violate this basic foundation of free civilization as Congress and the bureaucrats are doing is our great sin of the modern day.  When government  violates its citizens' rights, it is partaking in an act of criminality. A criminal government can never create "fairness" and "justice." Such irrationality and greed have brought us the bankruptcy of America. Progressive tax rates are unjust, unconstitutional, illegal, and dictatorial. They must be abolished, not just for the 19th century, but for all of time. 

Ending the Income Tax Itself 

The income tax remains popular because as Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation reports, 50% of Americans are exempt (figures swing between 47% to 51% from year to year). This creates what economists call "infinite demand" for spending programs. In other words if government programs are FREE to certain voters, and if those programs are desirable, then those voters will want all they can get. This is why government expands every year. Fifty percent of American voters do not pay for federal services. Thus we have a totally irresponsible electorate. But the mandating of "equal rates" will bring large amounts of zero-payers back into the system. The 50% figure for zero-payers can be reduced to 20% meaning 80% of the voters will then have to pay for services. This will end the relentless expansion of government and bring about a lowering of spending every year because no one other than liberal zealots will want the heavy levels of government programs if they have to pay proportionally for them out of their own pockets. Eventually we could reach a 7%-8% equal-rate tax to fund the duties of the federal government. At this level of taxation, we could then replace the income tax with a 7%-8% sales tax and repeal the 16th Amendment.  The first step, however, is to mandate "equal rates" for all citizens via a constitutional amendment. This will remove the tyranny of progressive tax rates from congressional whim. They cannot then be voted back in again four years later. While an "equal-rate" tax enacted by Congress would be a wonderful achievement (which we should all work for), it is not nearly enough to preserve freedom. Progressive tax rates must be banned in the Constitution! This is the only way to assure a free country for future generations. 

Ratifying the Amendment 

Victor Hugo said, "There is nothing more powerful in history than an idea whose time has come." The American people are ready to stop the runaway freight train of government growth. A New Equal Rights Amendment for taxes is the way to do this. And it can be presented to the state legislatures for ratification via a joint resolution from Congress or the Convention of States process that the Constitution gives us. To bring this revolution about we must follow Samuel Adams lead and work to set "brush fires of freedom" in the minds of Congress and our fellow citizens. In the 1840s when anti-slavery proponents were fighting to abolish slavery in America, they did not have Congress or a majority of the people on their side. But they did have "justice" and "rightness" on their side. They had the most powerful force in history on their side - MORAL TRUTH. Even those who defended slavery knew down deep that it was morally wrong. The same force prevails in the fight to abolish "progressive taxation." All decent men and women know it is morallyw rong to treat people differently under the law in America. We must convince them to implement such conviction into our tax system. The principle of equal rights mandates equal tax rates. No government will stay limited if it has the power to confiscate wealth from productive citizens to convey free services to massive amounts of less productive citizens so as to buy their votes on Election Day. This is a guarantee for relentless growth of taxes and tyranny. The time has come to end such political corruption and restorej ustice to America.   

Notes 1. Letter to S. Kercheval, 1816. SaulK. Padover, ed., Thomas Jefferson on Democracy (New York: New AmericanLibrary, 1949), pp. 34-35. 2. J.R.McCulloch, Taxation and the Funding System, London, 1845, pp. 141-143.Cited in Charles Adams, For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on theCourse of Civilization (Lanham, MD: Madison Books, 1993), p.365.

Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas,Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic A graduate ofBeloit College in Wisconsin, his articles have appeared in such publications asThe American Conservative,Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, The Dallas Morning News, and theSan Antonio Express-News, as well as on numerous Internet sites. He isthe author of The Golden Mean:Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email:


Townhall - A March for Life and Fight for the Character of our Nation - Carly Fiorina

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m honored to be here this chilly afternoon with so many advocates for life. Although I have to tell you, it’s warmer than Iowa or New Hampshire.

In less than a year, there will be a new president in the White House. The next president will pick up to four Supreme Court justices who will decide issues of life and religious liberty. She will decide whether we force taxpayers to fund the political arm of the abortion industry. Whether we as a nation believe—as the Democrat platform says—that a life isn’t a life until it leaves the hospital. Whether a baby only a month from being born is only as good as the organs you can sell from it.

Make no mistake—this election will be a fight for the character of our nation.

The establishment media and political class don’t want us to talk about what the abortion industry is doing. You saw what happened when I talked about the horrific truth of the planned parenthood videos during a Republican debate. Unlike the media, you’ve watched the videos. You’ve seen an aborted baby, it’s legs kicking, it’s heart beating while the technician describes how they would keep these babies alive to harvest their organs. The left called me a liar. They said there were no such videos. There are no aborted babies born alive. Nobody is selling baby parts.

But look what happened next. Planned Parenthood came out and said they would no longer take compensation for baby organs. Sounds like an admission to me!

Hillary Clinton is giving a pro-abortion speech today in New Hampshire. She is saying that we as conservative women don’t count. But here’s the truth: they have perverted feminism into a left-leaning political ideology where women are pitted against men and used as a political weapon to win elections.

Being empowered means having a voice. But ideological feminism shuts down conversation on college campuses and in the media. If you are a pro-life man or a conservative woman who doesn’t believe the litanies of the left, then you are “waging a war on women” or you are a “threat to women’s health” or you are variously described as “window dressing” such as  Joni Ernst, or offensive as a candidate like Carly Fiorina.

Ours is a fight for the character of our nation. For the value of life itself. It is a fight we must win to take our country back.

I have visited pregnancy centers around the country. They are doing God’s work and they do not receive a dime of federal funding. The pro-abortion Left can’t stand it when we talk about defunding Planned Parenthood. They scream at the top of their lungs about taking away women’s health. Unless you bring up these pregnancy centers. Then they go dead silent.

Because this was never about women’s health for them. It was about the litanies of the left. It was about funding their political agenda. This is a fight we must win.

You know, Planned Parenthood actually shows up at my events. So let me say this to the Planned Parenthood supporters: You can scream and throw condoms at me all day long. You won’t silence me. You don’t scare me. I have battled breast cancer. I have buried a child. I have read the bible. I know the value of life.

34 years ago, I met my husband, Frank. When we were married, I learned that his mother had been told by her doctors to abort him. She was a woman of great faith and courage and chose instead to bring her son into the world. She spent almost a year in the hospital after his birth. But he was the joy of her life and he has been the rock of mine. I have thought often about how different my life would be if she had made a different choice.

I know that what each of you know. Every person has God-given gifts. All of us actually have far more potential than we realize. Science is on our side. Public opinion is on our side.

We are winning this fight, ladies and gentlemen. We are winning this fight—but it is a fight. And so we need a fearless fighter in the White House. Not just to win this election but to restore the character of our nation.

You can bet I’ll win this fight against Hillary Clinton. And you can count on what I’ll do as President. I will defund Planned Parenthood. I will support the pregnancy centers around the country that are actually serving the families in their communities. Together, we will restore the character of this nation.

Citizens, join with me. Fight with me. Vote for me. It’s time to take our country back.

Thank you.


Let's Play "Whose 'Crib' Is it?

And they were so broke when they left the White House!

You know it takes about 10 regular people working all year to equal what Hillary gets paid for a 1 hour speaking engagement!