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AJS to Wendelboe: Hands Off Private Property

Alexandria, VA- Americans for Job Security opposes Representative Wendelboe’s amendment to resurrect the unconstitutional attempts of Governor Lynch and Former Attorney General Ayotte to raid the private Joint Underwriters Association. 

"Politicians like Fran Wendelboe, John Lynch and Kelly Ayotte just don't get it.  Not even the constitution can stop them from trying to spend other people's money,” said Stephen DeMaura president of AJS.

"The Supreme Court says that the Lynch-Ayotte plan to steal money from doctors and nurses is unconstitutional, so the Concord politicians scheme and come up with a new plan to blackmail doctors and nurses into giving them their money," added DeMaura.

Governor John Lynch and his Attorney General Kelly Ayotte attempted one of the largest confiscations of private property in New Hampshire history. Together, they moved to drain the private medical malpractice funds of our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. Thankfully the Supreme Court slapped down their $110 million raid of private funds. Today, Representative Wendelboe resurrected their efforts to raid the JUA.

 “…the state’s move was an unconstitutional taking of private property,” NH Superior Court Ruling, as reported by the Nashua Telegraph 1/29/2010

AJS urges citizens to stand up for their private property rights by joining our effort to stop this unconstitutional taking of private property at www.HandsOffNH.com.

Americans for Job Security is a non-profit, non-partisan pro-business issue advocacy organization that promotes issues that strengthen the American economy. To learn more about AJS visit www.SaveJobs.org.


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Reader Comments (5)

What this out of state entity didn't know--and didn't care to know the facts, was that this amendment was in co-ordination with the legal counsel of the Doctors. I am simply the facilitator. They drafted the amendment, suggested the dollar amount and terms, and were willing to have this amendment force the Governor and Insurance Commissioner/JUA Board to come to the table. The Doctors can get no access to the funds without a surplus being declared. The hope is that the negotiations proposed in this amendment will allow them to move forward. They are not being forced or coerced to offer a potential settlment. The Doctors are obviously willing to look at the interest of the underserved citizens of our state while the Governor just wants to steal the money to balance his poor fiscal management of the state. As a signer of the amicus brief in SUPPORT of the Doctor's position in the Supreme Court case, I have advocated from day one that this money belongs to the Doctors... It is disappointing that this out of touch, out of state entity has gone off half cocked without the true facts.
April 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFran
A Shakedown is a Shakedown ...

I believe in legal terms this would be classified as EXTORTION!

Work Hard Have Fun!
Bob DeMaura
NHInsider Owner/Operator
(and father of Stephen)
April 21, 2010 | Registered CommenterNH INSIDER

the JUA board has not voted on this, the doctors have not voted on this. You are trying to play GOD (or in this case ultra liberal governor) with other people's money. This foolish act, combined with your flip flop on gambling (so now you think the State needs to raise more money and not cut taxes...) proves you are no longer a Republican, but a money sucking lech of the hard working people of NH............ and I am ashamed that I supported you in the past.....
April 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGop-r
The legal counsel for the docs want to get the insurance commissioner/JUA board to the table, this amendment facilitates that possibility. The legal counsel doesn't think it is extortion. And I made very clear in my press release that this money should be used to repeal taxes or prevent new taxes, not increase spending.

My "flip flop" on gambling, as you call it, was clearly stated that I felt that gaming should continue to be worked on and that I might still vote against it in the end. The committee did not give it a fair hearing nor work to fix the problems they cited. I also said--and provided the media with a copy of my statements---that it was my intent if I did support it in the end, that all the revenue from gaming should be used to go toward incentives to attract businesses to locate here or expand, for job creation, and economic development. NOT for increased spending or new programs.

I voted to CUT almost 48 million dollars in the budget in HB1664 which the dems put on the table. I voted against the last two inflated budgets which included more taxes and fees than any other budget I can recall. And I co-sponsored bills to repeal the LLC tax, the campground tax and the increase in the rooms and meals tax.
April 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFran
Fran your abandonment of conservative positions would bring Ronald Regan to tears. Sorry to see you join the rinos :(
April 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterE-Dog

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