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Personal Liberty Digest - IRS lawyers admit they never actually looked for Lerner emails

Former IRS official Lois Lerner’s “lost” emails are actually just emails that no one within the agency bothered to try to find.

Judicial Watch, a conservative nonprofit which is in the midst of an ongoing legal battle with the IRS over the emails, reported last week:

[T]he Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admitted to the court that it failed to search any of the IRS standard computer systems for the “missing” emails of Lois Lerner and other IRS officials. The admission appears in an IRS legal brief opposing the Judicial Watch request that a federal court judge allow discovery into how “lost and/or destroyed” IRS records relating to the targeting of conservative groups may be retrieved. The IRS is fighting Judicial Watch’s efforts to force testimony and document production about the IRS’ loss of records in Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation about the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other opponents of President Obama (Judicial Watch v. IRS (No. 1:13-cv-1559)).  The lawsuit is before U.S. District Court Judge Emmett G. Sullivan.

Lawyers representing Judicial Watch concluded that the IRS “did not undertake any significant efforts to obtain the emails.” [...]

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CPR - Knives Kill More People Each Year Than Rifles: Time For Knife Control?

November 11, 2014 By Stephen Frank

The time has come for you to register your steak knives, fishing knives and butter knives. Statistics are clear, more people are killed by knives than by guns. So, if guns are so dangerous we need a database of owners, why not be honest and create a database of knife owners? Yes, before you buy a knife there needs to be a waiting period, a background check, and they must be locked away when not in use.

“The FBI statistics show that knives have been used as a murder weapon far more often than rifles — even those evil “assault weapons” we hear so much about — for quite a while. In 2013, knives or other cutting instruments were used to kill 1,490 victims. In contrast, rifles were the cause of death of 285 murder victims. Shotguns were used in 308 murders. In 2009, the ratio was very similar: knives were used in five times as many murders as rifles. [...]

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Canada's Top 10 on USA Stupidity!

Canada's Version of David Letterman's Top 10

Just makes you wanna shake your head in disbelief.
This is Canada's Top Ten List of America's Stupidity
Of course we look like idiots .... because we are.

Number 10 Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the
rich at a $35,000.00 per plate Obama campaign fund-raising event.

Number 9 Only in America ...could people claim that the government still
discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President,
a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is
black while only 14% of the population is black 40+% of all federal
entitlements goes to black Americans - 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X
the rate that go to Hispanics!

Number 8 Only in America...could they have had the two people most
responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the head of the Treasury
Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means
Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.

Number 7 Only in America...can they have terrorists kill people in the
name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that
Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.

Number 6 Only in America...would they make people who want to legally
become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay
tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss
letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just 'magically'
become American citizens (probably should be number one).

Number 5 Only in America....could the people who believe in balancing
the budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as

Number 4 Only in America...could you need to present a driver's license
to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.

Number 3 Only in America...could people demand the government
investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the
price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S.
Oil company(Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis
shoes (Nike).

Number 2 Only in America... could you collect more tax dollars from the
people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion
dollars more than it has per year - for total spending of $7-Million PER
MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.

And Number 1 Only in America...could the rich people- who pay 86% of all
income taxes - be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who
don't pay any income taxes at all.


Townhall - Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The "Stupid" American People to Get It Passed

Katie Pavlich | Nov 10, 2014

Meet Jonathan Gruber, a professor at MIT and an architect of Obamacare. During a panel event last year about how the legislation passed, turning over a sixth of the U.S. economy to the government, Gruber admitted that the Obama administration went through "tortuous" measures to keep the facts about the legislation from the American people, including covering up the redistribution of wealth from the healthy to the sick in the legislation that Obamacare is in fact a tax. The video of his comments just recently surfaced ahead of the second open enrollment period for Obamacare at 

"You can't do it political, you just literally cannot do it. Transparent financing and also transparent spending. I mean, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies. Okay? So it’s written to do that," Gruber said. "In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in, you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical to get for the thing to pass. Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not."

A few points. 1. Notice how lying to the American people is completely justified by Obama administration standards so long as the ends justify the means. Gruber would "rather have this law than not," and therefore purposely lying about what the law actually is in order to get it passed is completely acceptable. regardless of the negative effects it has on the lives of Americans. 2. Lack of transparency might be a huge political advantage in the short term, but long term there are consequences from voters, which is exactly what we saw last week during the Democrat blood bath at every level of government across the country. 3. Insulting Americans as stupid and deceiving them is a really good way to lose your power on Capitol Hill, which is again exactly what we saw last week in the 2014 midterms. Twenty-eight Senators who voted for Obamacare are now out of the Senate for one reason or another.[...]

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APIA - Fed Chair Crosses Line on Eve of Elections 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,


One of the underlying foundations of the Federal Reserve’s credibility is that it is a strictly nonpartisan entity.  This foundation was shaken this morning as The Hill reported that Janet Yellen made a public appearance with President Barack Obama the night before closely contested midterms.


The Fed’s independence is predicated on its distance from partisan fights, and the Chair should be held to a high standard in that regard.  Publicly appearing with elected officials on the eve of an election will only create undue concern that the Fed is trying to influence politics.




Nicholas Arnold

American Principles In Action