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Newsmax - Activist Dressed as Osama bin Laden Crosses Rio Grande Unimpeded

Monday, 11 Aug 2014 02:14 PM

By John Blosser

Conservative activist James O'Keefe has exposed vulnerabilities along the Mexico-Texas border, by crossing a narrow section of the knee-deep Rio Grande River, dressed as Osama bin Laden.

O'Keefe waded across the border from Mexico into the United States wearing a camouflage military jacket and a mask of Osama bin Laden wearing a white turban, with no U.S. Border Patrol agents in sight.

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Lies, Damned Lies And Liberal Statistics by Ben Crystal


The graphic above was created by an outfit which calls itself “Occupy Democrats,” it’s the Twitter-attachment-meme version of Democratic talking points which have been floating like the proverbial poop in the punchbowl for a couple of years now.

Through a careful arrangement of demographic data, the graphic attempts to “prove” that Republicans hate poor people, or create poor people, or are mean to poor people, or something to that effect.

I’ll admit, it’s fairly well constructed. The adorable little moppets in the frame are acceptably cute, without coming across too much like catalog models. The girl standing center-right is barefoot, which I presume is supposed to evoke the idea that she can’t afford shoes; or that mean old Republicans are anti-footwear. There are a couple of old beaters, including a decades-old Ford pickup, parked haphazardly. Mom and Dad are there, as well; with Dad sporting a blue collar-type work shirt. And the bold-face print, arranged in simple vertical fashion with varying colors practically screams “LOOK AT WHAT THE GOP DID!”

Furthermore, the statistics are technically correct. However, the statistical construct is a house of cards. If you classify a State as “red” based on that State’s voting in Presidential elections and further classify “poorest” by per capita income, then 97 of the 100 poorest counties are, in fact, in “red” states.

Of course, context is important; and that’s doubtless why the “Occupy Democrats” didn’t include any. Even a cursory examination of the demographics of the 100 poorest counties reveals a decidedly different story. Of the “top” 10, ALL are Democratic strongholds. Expand the pool to the 20 poorest counties, and all but two are regressive redoubts. The theme remains the same throughout the 100 poorest counties in the country. In fact, the few “red” counties on the list are primarily located in the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia, where President Barack Obama’s war on the coal industry has laid waste to more acreage than the Islamofascist hordes murdering Iraqi Christians with American-supplied weapons.

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CPR - Liberal donors lead in super PAC contributions since ’13

Eric Boehm is a contributor to Watchdog. This piece was originally posted on

Big-spending Democratic donors take the gold, silver and bronze when it comes to contributions to super PACs so far this election cycle.

Liberal billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg lead the way, having given nearly $30 million to super PACs during the current cycle, according to a new analysis of political spending by the Sunlight Foundation, which tracks money in politics. In third place is Fred Eychaner, a reclusive Chicago businessman who gave $14 million to Democratic super PACs in the 2012 cycle and has already spent $5.7 million this time around.

Whether the trend of big-spending Democratic donors will continue through Election Day isn’t clear, wrote Jacob Fenton and Stan Oklobdzija, researchers for the Sunlight Foundation.congress-legislature-300x225

“With five months left before the election, torrents of cash will continue to flow into campaigns, and a few donors dropping $5 million apiece could upend this calculus,” they said in their analysis of super PAC spending, which is based on reports filed Sunday by most of the groups.[...]

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Newsmax - Sens. Ayotte, Fischer: Stop Misrepresenting Facts of Hobby Lobby Case

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Sens. Ayotte, Fischer: Stop Distortions of Hobby Lobby Decision
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer say there’s nothing in the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling that denies a woman access to birth control, and attempts to misrepresent the facts of the case and its impact on women are divisive and damaging. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, the Republican lawmakers say that the decision was less about restricting birth control and more about upholding America's "centuries-old tradition of religious liberty."
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Veterans Village of NH Getting Bullied By Locals!

Hi Reporter

I don't know if you can use this for the news but Tuesday night the police think it may be one of the neighbors filled the Diesel Bob Cat Loader with water and they put water in the hydrolics as well.  We thought we could fix it on site for around $500.00 but it is worse than we thought so BobCat in Chester NH is going to have to take it for repairs at a COST OF ABOUT $2000.00  This will bring the total to about $2500.00.  There is a police report and all that.  

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
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