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NH's Leading Taxpayer Group Gives Award to House Republicans for Fiscal Responsibility

Concord – The 2011 legislature was presented with the Golden Deficit Gavel award Saturday at the annual Coalition of NH Taxpayers (CNHT) Reunion Picnic in Hillsborough. The award, inscribed "To the brave New Hampshire legislators who in 2011 saved our state from financial ruin," was presented to House Speaker William O’Brien.

 "The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers speaks for the average Granite Stater. They know that good government is one that serves the people, is limited and fiscally prudent. Republicans heard that message loud and clear last November when we were elected to the majority. We simply must continue to be good stewards of taxpayer money.  That is the principle we used to craft this years budget. House  Republicans said, "Here’s our revenue estimates, this is the line in the sand and we’re not going to spend any more," said House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem).

Founded in 1999, CNHT's goal, according to their website is to keep taxes low, government small and honest, protect individual rights and freedoms, and preserve the New Hampshire Advantage.






CONCORD- Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party today released the following statement congratulating Congressman Frank Guinta on being named Free Enterprise Legislator of the Year by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).
“I am pleased to see Frank recognized for his consistent and outstanding commitment to supporting business-friendly legislation and working to significantly reduce the government’s overreach on business owners with burdensome regulations that stifle growth.”                                          


NH Rep Whalley Bench Unveiling Thursday 4/21 11am

The unveiling of a bench that was crafted in the memory of former House member, Rep. Mike Whalley will be held on Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. in Representatives Hall at the State House in Concord.  The craftsman, Jon Siegal of Wilmot, NH will be in attendance along with the NH Artist Laureate David Lamb of Canterbury.   Speaker O'Brien, Gov. Lynch and Congresssman Bass are expected to attend. The bench will reside permanently in Representatives Hall where Mike Whalley served for nearly eight terms.


NRN - Harmful Regulations Video Contest 


The EPA has decided to start a video contest, seeking to gather films promoting government regulations. The prize is $2,500 of stolen cash from the taxpayer.

Screw that.

Americans for Limited Government/NetRight Nation and the Fr33 Agents Network have announced that we will host our own contest. The reward is $2,500 not stolen from the tax payers. Here are the rules to enter:

  1. Create a video promoting how government regulations have harmed business in your area. Get creative. Examples: a video showing the rising cost of food prices due to government subsidies or the FDA preventing the release of life saving medications. Think outside the box and show us how government regulations are harming you!
  2. Post your video to YouTube. Send the link to
  3. Two weeks from now, on May 4, we will post the top selection of videos that have been entered. We will also announce the judges for the contest that will narrow down the field to the best video entry in the coming week. Also, we will post your video submissions as they come in.
  4. We will announce a winner on May 11 and they will receive the $2,500 cash prize that has not been stolen from the taxpayer!

So get to work and start making some videos!


UNH Student Leader Named to National Health Care Reform Panel 

A news tip for the long holiday weekend...

Erin Thesing, a University of New Hampshire senior from Hopkinton, has been chosen to serve on a national panel of political leaders and entertainment stars that will select the winning health care reform video in a contest sponsored by Organizing for America, the grassroots political organization affiliated with the Democratic Party that continues the activities of the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

Organizing for America's Health Reform Video Challenge asks supporters of health care reform across the country to submit personal video messages supporting the president's efforts to bring meaningful reform to the nation's health insurance system. The winning video will be aired on nationwide television. Thesing will join Democratic National Committee chair Gov. Tim Keane, former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and show business luminaries including of the Black Eyed Peas and Seth Macfarlane, creator of "The Family Guy," to judge the entries.

For more information on the contest panel, visit...

Thesing is president of the UNH College Democrats and played an important role in last year's presidential campaign. She is an outstanding example of a UNH student using her education to work for the greater good. She is organizing a pro-health care telephone campaign on the UNH campus this weekend in conjunction with the university's homecoming weekend.


Bloggers interested in contacting Ms Thesing can email for access to her contact information.