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NH House Leaders Comment on Democrat Party’s Disregard of Federal Copyright Law

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire Democrat Party (NHDP) web advertisement ripping off Siri, Apple Inc.’s digital assistant. Apple last week contacted the NHDP and demanded that the ad be taken down, citing copyright infringement, according to the Nashua Telegraph.  Furthermore, the Telegraph also reported that the ad contained numerous false statements about House Republicans and determined it was, “Mostly False.”

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Just as we saw with the New Hampshire Democrat Party’s illegal campaign robo calls last campaign cycle, we continue to see a pattern of law breaking and, now, a lack of respect for intellectual property rights.  This is one more example of a party whose leadership is totally out of control.  The Democrats of New Hampshire certainly deserve much better leadership than they are getting from a group of people who can’t follow laws and who are jeopardizing their party’s future.”

House Majority Leader Pete Silva

“It’s unfortunate that the Democrat party is so short on substantive ideas of their own they have to resort to ripping off others’. But then again it’s been a long time since the Democrats have brought original ideas to the table.  Instead they choose to use personal attacks on Republicans to distract from their record of raising over 100 taxes and fee to pay for their 25% increase in state spending.  I applaud the Nashua Telegraph for holding the Democrats accountable through fact-checking, but the term that they use – ‘Mostly False’ – should be updated for reality and be changed to ‘Full of Lies.’”


NH House Leaders Comment on Governor Not Signing Voter ID Fix

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today released the following statement in response to news that House Bill 1354 passed into law without the Governor’s signature. HB 1354 aimed at fixing the affidavit requirement in the recently passed voter ID law, which was an issue the Governor Lynch had indicated he wanted to see addressed.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“It’s disappointing the Governor didn’t have the wisdom to sign this good bill into law. He said he had issues with voter ID, we fixed them, and he still chose not to show his support. Once again the Governor has shown a complete lack of leadership. We hope all candidates for governor plan to lead from ahead and not behind if elected.”

House Majority Leader Pete Silva

“The vast majority of New Hampshire voters will be disappointed to learn that in one of his last acts on legislation, this Governor has chosen not to act on this common sense solution to the pressing need to ensure honest elections. We need to protect the integrity of the ballot box and ensure the ‘one man, one vote’ principle. These actions will help improve the validity and equality of our election system while we join the 30 other states who have voter ID laws.”


NH House Speaker Announces Members of Special Committee on Defined Contribution Retirement Plans for Public Employees 

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today announced the formation of the Special House Committee on Defined Contribution Retirement Plans for Public Employees, which will consist of 11 House members. The special committee will research and recommendations on the details and the procedures for the transition from the current defined benefit plan applicable to New Hampshire public employees to a defined public employee contribution plan for all new state employee hires, and for other New Hampshire local and county governments that may elect to participate. 

The Committee is further authorized to issue requests for proposals/information from potential vendors, study the proposals received, and recommend legislation to implement a defined public employee contribution plan based on one or more proposals.

The following House members are appointed to the Committee: Rep. Will Smith, Chairman; Rep. Neal Kurk; Rep. David Hess; Rep. Carol McGuire; Rep. Spec Bowers; Rep. Greg Hill; Rep. Tom Keane; Rep. Steve Winter; Rep. David Campbell; Rep. Robert Foose; and Rep. Steve Shurtleff

House Speaker William O’Brien

“The New Hampshire retirement system has an estimated unfunded pension liability of $3.7 billion and another $1.5 billion in other unfunded post-employment benefits. The current level of benefits for public employees is unsustainable and taxpayers just can’t foot the bill in this recessionary climate. I’m confident this Committee will work quickly and thoroughly to move toward a Defined Contribution Plan that will save taxpayers money while also bringing about long-term solvency to the system.”

Rep. Will Smith, Chairman of Special House Committee on Defined Contribution

“States’ retiree pensions and other benefits represent a nation-wide problem, with long-term cost estimated at $2.73 trillion, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts' Center on the States. Just as the private sector has done to remedy a broken retirement system, we need to move New Hampshire’s public sector toward replacing defined benefit pension plans with defined contribution plans to ensure the system is financially sound, while at the same time providing fair benefits to the employee. Uncertainties in future market returns, rapid increases in medical costs, increases in life expectancy, and slower growth in public sector employment require a more prudent long-term approach to assure financial viability. 

Defined contribution plans give an employee the ability to build family wealth in face of job mobility and inflationary pressures. The special committee will work hard to review, research and evaluate information to make recommendations to the House for this transition.”


NH House Speaker Comments on Release on Annual Revenue Figures

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) today offered the following comments regarding the release of the preliminary revenue for figures for State Fiscal Year 2012, which ended last Saturday.  The revenue results still include an outstanding deficit of $34.1 million in Medicaid Enhancement Tax (MET) revenue that the Department of Revenue Administration expects to receive this month, but which will be included as revenue for last fiscal year.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“Outside of the MET, which the DRA has indicated will be coming in late, our Ways and Means Committee has done an outstanding job of predicting our revenues.  For the year, revenues will be up by $1 million over estimates, meaning that our forecast will have been accurate within two tenths of one percent of the actual results.  That is an incredible achievement and is a far cry for recent years, in which inflated revenue figure were used to justify more government growth.  If we had gone with Governor Lynch and the Democrats’ revenue figures, we would have been looking squarely at a deficit of over $120 million right now.  Instead of worrying about what taxes and fees to raise and laying off more state employees, state leaders can focus on how we can get our economy back on track and create new jobs, thanks to our commitment to producing reliable revenue estimates.”


Link (revenue focus):


NH House Majority Leader Reacts to Democrat Press Conference Attacking GOP House Legislative Achievements

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today released the following statement in reaction to a press conference held by Democrat legislators attacking House legislative accomplishments.

House Majority Leader Pete Silva

“Today Democrat leaders again reminded voters of their commitment to growing government and raising taxes. Once again it was made clear that House and Senate Democrats are solely interested in undermining our economy by creating, expanding and increasing taxes that directly hurt our state’s job creators. In November the choice for voters will be very clear, continue with the path of economic prosperity that has lead to our state having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, or revert back to high taxes and big government, which serves to stifle our economic growth and cost us countless good new jobs."

"In addition, we believe that it is truly classless of the Democrats to criticize the votes of Rep. Leo Pepino at the same time of his funeral and while Republican representatives mourn the loss of one of our valued colleagues."

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