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Special Election Alert: Warden a no-show, police open machine 

Warden a no-show, police open machine

By Andrew W. Griffin
Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

LAWRENCE, Mass. — At the Essex Towers senior public housing, voters are being allowed to vote despite the poll warden not showing up. According to a poll watcher for Republican candidate Scott Brown, a Lawrence Police Department officer unlocked the ballot box. This was observed by Americans for Limited Government, and Brown and Martha Coakley poll watchers.

The poll warden had taken a child to school, according to one observer. The police later opened a polling machine for a handicapped man. There was still no evidence of a poll warden one hour after the polls opened.

Andrew W. Griffin is the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog.


Special Election Alert: Teacher -- 'I'm really in enemy territory'

Teacher: 'I'm really in enemy territory'

By Andrew W. Griffin
Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

LAWRENCE, Mass. — Minutes after the polls opened at Guilmette School here in Lawrence, school teacher Diane MacDonald drove up into the parking lot in a car sporing a Scott Brown for Senate bumper sticker in her back window. Stopping her to talk, MacDonald told Oklahoma Watchdog that for over a week she had been blasted with emails from her teacher's union telling her and other teachers to be sure and vote for Democrat Martha Coakley.

Pointing to her Brown sticker, MacDonald smiled and said, "I'm really in enemy territory being a school teacher." Noting the pro-Coakley email blasts from her union, MacDonald added: "They are using school computers to send out those emails. That's illegal."

MacDonald said that while "you can't do that," referring to using public computers to send partisan messages, she said that she'd be looking for trouble by responding.

Still, other teachers have whispered to MacDonald that they are supportive of Brown but are afraid to voice their opinions publicly.

Andrew W. Griffin is the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog.



Special Election Alert: Coakley Sign might be a violation 

Coakley Sign might be a violation

By Ashley Badgley

BOSTON (Mass.) — At 6:50 a.m., the polls are almost open in Dorchester and signs of polling violations are already an issue. At 330 Bowdoin St., the Pasciucco Apartments, a sign in support of Martha Coakley is posted outside the front door. The law states that any campaigning or support of a candidate must be done at least 150 feet away from the polling booths.

The booths at the polling location are down a long, winding hallway in the back of the building, but the polling location's warden, Wilma Brown is not sure whether the sign is a violation or not.

Brown said the sign, that stands approximately 10 feet from the door, could be more than 150 feet away from voting booths, but she is not sure. Also, she is not sure how or when the sign was posted.

"It's not mine to take down," she said.

However, Brown said she was going to check into the rules and take the sign down if necessary.

The sign is posted on a wooden pole that is secured to the fence outside the entrance. It stands a few feet from a sign stating "Vote Here Today."

Ashley Badgley is a reporter for in partnership with Washington News Alert.


Washington News Observer Sends Six Camera Crews to MA to Cover Special Senatorial Election

Jan. 15 2010, Fairfax, VA--The Washington News Observer has dispatched six camera crews to the cities of Boston, Lawrence, and Springfield, MA to provide up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of the Senatorial Special Election. The WNO teams will be covering voting centers, rallies, community meetings, and other local events in order to gauge each community's political attitude. The footage will be broadcast quality.

If you are in any of the areas listed above, or if you have any breaking news, tips, or information on a developing story, please contact our field coordinator: Robert Lockwood (978-729-6711).

WNO footage will be published in real-time from the field. It will be available on the WNO website ( ) . Consistent with WNO's Broadcast Content Portal Policy, we will not charge for our services.


ALG Action News Teams Moving into Massachusetts For Major Ballot Integrity Operation

"We don't endorse candidates. But we do  Insist that ACORN and the union bosses not be allowed to corrupt elections. So, we'll be reporting to the nation around the clock." --  Bill Wilson, president ALG.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today announced that his organization's news team will help insure ballot integrity in Tuesday's Massachusetts senatorial election by positioning video teams, field reporters, and bloggers at key locations throughout the state.

"We do not intend to let ACORN and the union bosses stuff the ballot box," Wilson said. "Whoever wins, win. But, as a news organization, we will do whatever is necessary to help insure that the race is run fairly, that ACORN is not allowed to play games with the vote, and that the union bosses are not allowed to intimidate voters.

"The hard left is determined to keep the so-called 'Kennedy seat.' That's where ACORN and the union bosses come in. The people of Massachusetts deserve a fair and open election. That's where we come in. "

Wilson's ALG Massachusetts Action News Teams will include video crews, field reporters, and 'instant-access' bloggers spread across the state. As footage, reports, tweets, and blogs come in, they will be fed in real time to reporters nationwide.

Wilson said reporters and the public would be able to monitor the news reports "at our special election headquarters on"

The operation is being sponsored by the Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

Wilson declined to disclose precisely where the ALG Action News Teams will be located, saying only that they will be "wherever we believe ACORN and the union bosses intend to employ their bully tactics. And that includes key precincts, as well as their own headquarters."

Wilson said that the election observers were "absolutely necessary to preserve the integrity of the nation's electoral processes."

"As U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has shown, the Justice Department does not even care about nightstick-wielding thugs stationed outside of polling locations in Philadelphia, and so somebody has to monitor this special election.  All citizens have a right to a fair and clean election process," Wilson explained.

"We know their tactics. They are unseemly and, frankly, thuggish," Wilson said. "As the New York Times reported in 2005, Andy Stern has threatened, 'Sometimes this can be done with the power of persuasion. Sometimes it takes the persuasion of power.'

"Everything they try to do in the shadows, we will bring to light. Every time they intimidate a voter, we will embolden the voters to fight back. For the first time every move they make will be made public – and the camera doesn't blink," Wilson concluded.