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House Leaders Statement on Local Businesses Support for Tobacco Tax Reduction to Grow Economy, Jobs

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today offered the following statements in response to a press conference held by the state’s grocers and convenience stores owners discussing how a reduction in the tobacco tax will result in increased economic growth.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“The House is absolutely committed to meaningful tax relief to let our employers grow and create new jobs.  With four tobacco tax increases in the past six years, our business owners told us that we were losing our competitive edge and it was hurting other sales, beyond just tobacco products, including and liquor and lottery sales, which cuts state revenue and means fewer jobs.  This tax cut is an important step to regain our advantage and bring business here to New Hampshire.  We strongly believe that reducing this tax will result in more revenue, more economic growth and more tax cuts.”

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

“Coming from a border community, I hear firsthand from small business owners just how much the erosion of the price differential between New Hampshire and other states hurts our sales and our economy.  We want people to come to our state to do their shopping, which will result in more jobs and more growth.  The tax cut send a clear signal that Republicans are re-opening New Hampshire for business.  However, we aren’t done – we will continue to look for more opportunities to help our employers grow strong here.”


House Leaders Comment on Governor's Signing of First Cut in New Hampshire Taxes in Years 

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today offered the following statement in response in learning, according to a report in the New Hampshire Union Leader, that Governor Lynch had signed House Bill 229, repealing the state’s gambling winnings tax.

House Speaker William O’Brien

“After over 100 tax and fee increases that became law over the prior four years, this tax cut sends a clear message about the new direction we are taking in New Hampshire.  We are totally committed to protecting our low tax status and lifting the burden of government off the back of the working families of the state.  We are working to ensure that this is just the first tax cut of many for our citizens and employers, so that we can grow our economy and create good, new jobs.”

“I am baffled, though, why the governor would choose to sign this bill in secret.  The Lottery Commission has consistently told us that this tax was depressing cross-border sales with people unwilling to come here to buy tickets since the gambling winnings tax took effect in 2009.  One would think that Governor Lynch would want to promote this publicly in order to get the message out to folks in Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont that this tax has been repealed. The journey to fiscal responsibility now begins.”

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

 “This tax cut is merely a first installment in our plans for tax relief for New Hampshire citizens.  Help is on the way and we are going to get back to being a low tax, business friendly state.  We want people from across New England and the country to come here to visit, to shop and to bring their businesses.  We are just getting started.”

 “I also share the concern that we should be working harder to get word out about this tax cut.  Coming from Salem, I see firsthand the impact of out-of-staters coming here to buy lottery tickets.  I encourage Governor Lynch to travel around the border communities and get the word out about this pro-business tax cut.  I’d be happy to work with local merchants in my hometown to set up an event with the governor to let people know about this tax cut that the Republican legislature has delivered to the people.”


House Republicans' - Statement on CACR6 

House Speaker Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem)  today released the following statement with regard to the passage of CACR 6, a constitutional amendment that would require that any tax increase or bonding would need to receive a vote of 3/5ths of both the House and Senate.  This legislation will now move to the Senate, where, if it passes there, will appear on the November 2012 ballot.

"Today the NH House made it clear that any future decision on raising taxes and fees should rest with the voters of this state.  This amendment is important to the future financial stability of New Hampshire.  We have seen first hand over the last four years the damage that can been done to state, county and local governments when the legislature is allowed to tax and spend at will.  This will insure that any increase in taxes and additional bonding will no longer be done by a simple majority.  It is important that we give our citizens the opportunity to decide this issue at the polls in November of 2012."


Republican Leaders Ask for Specifics in Democrats’ Call for Higher Taxes and Borrowing

CONCORD – House Republican leaders, including House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon), House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Stephen Stepanek (R-Amherst) called for Democrats to point out what taxes and fees they would raise and how much more they would borrow to pay for the spending that they have called for in the coming budget.  Recently, House Democrat leaders and Governor Lynch have called for additional spending in the state fiscal year 2012-2013 budget.


House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

“Over the past several days, Democrats have called for an end to the fiscally responsible belt tightening necessary to cure the hangover of the spending binge that they put us through the past four years.  While they have made clear that, as the party of big government, the Democrats want more spending, they have yet to point out which taxes and fees they would raise to pay for this additional spending, or if they would rather further jeopardize our state’s bond rating by borrowing even more from our children and grandchildren to pay for the spending now.” 

“After the Democrats left our state’s finances in ruins, New Hampshire voters knew they needed to elect some responsible adults to clean up the mess, which is exactly why Republicans have supermajorities across state government.  Despite the crystal clear message that the citizens sent last November, the Democrats want to continue the same tax, borrow and spend strategy that the public resoundingly rejected.”

House Speaker William O’Brien

“The House budget includes $47 million that was set aside to close the gaping hole in the current budget that was a result of the last round of inflated revenues.  That’s exactly why House leadership demanded that our budget use realistic revenue figures, and that’s just what we do.  We can’t continue to “look to the sky” for more money – that is a failed strategy that we will not repeat.”

“While it is a perfectly reasonable policy debate for others to suggest that the budget should spend more money, those who want to spend more need to show what taxes and fees they would raise on the working families and small businesses of the state.  Until and unless anyone who is calling for more spending produces a list of new and increased taxes and fees or increased borrowing to pay for bigger government, they are simply not being serious or honest with the public.”

House Ways and Means Chairman Stephen Stepanek

“With only slight variations, Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee and the state agencies agree with our approved revenue projections for the next two years.  As a consequence, more spending requires more taxing or borrowing if the legislature is going to meet its statutory obligation to present a balanced budget.  Just how much more do they want to borrow?  What new or increased taxes do they have in mind?”


NH House Rebulicans Statement on Reducing Tobacco Tax 

CONCORD –House Majority leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today released the following statement regarding the passage of HB 156, which reduces the tobacco tax. HB 156 passed by roll call vote 236 to 93. According to a study put out by the New Hampshire Grocers Association, a 10 cent rollback on the tax will see an estimated $12.8 million boost in revenue for the state.

“As a representative of a border community, I see firsthand how an increase in tobacco taxes hurts our communities. It makes our businesses less competitive and harder to create jobs. For the New Hampshire Advantage to having any meaning we need to actually have lower taxes than our neighboring states.”