• Richard Barnes

    Richard Barnes is a current member of the Merrimack School Budget Committee and previously served as a member Merrimack Municipal Budget Committee from 2004 to 2006.  In 2006 he was endorsed by the grass roots group Merrimack Cares in his bid for School Board.  He also served in various roles including as the National President of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, a national Italian American Fraternal organization. He also volunteers with the Merrimack Historical Society and on the Town of Merrimack’s Web Technology Exploratory Committee.  He is a registered Republican who classifies himself as a Constitutionalist.

  • Steven J Connolly

    Steven is a graduate of Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont where he studied Business Administration.

    Steven served two terms in the NH House of Representatives, Grafton County District #1. Steven’s assignment was to the Transportation Committee and later the Science, Technology & Energy Committees.

    Prior to serving in the NH House, Steven had a career in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (Port Security). Steven’s active duty assignments included the Marine Safety Offices (MSO) in Boston MA, Portland ME, and the Marine Safety Field Office in New Castle, NH.

    Steven is one of the 25-30 original members of TrainRiders Northeast. TrainRiders is a grassroots effort started in Portland, ME  to lobby for an Amtrak route to service the Boston MA to Portland ME corridor.


  • Mark Hounsell

    Mark Hounsell was born in February 1952 in Conway, NH where he still resides.  He is a 12th generation New Hampshire native.  Mark is a student of history and a political theorist and a political artist.

    Mark has what in practice amounts to dual citizenship, in that he considers himself to be first a citizen of the State of New Hampshire and second a citizen of the United States of America.

    Mark is a former member of the N.H. State Senate (1985-1988) and is active in local and state politics. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Conway Public Library. member of the Conway School District School Board, Clerk of the Conway Village Fire District, and a member, representing the interest of labor, on the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board.

  • Ed Naile

    Ed Naile is a resident of NH and former selectman from Deering, NH. He has been a political activist for almost 20 years. He is currently the Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, NH's largest non-partisan, non-profit, taxpayer advocacy group.

    See CNHT's website at for information on what CNHT does for the taxpayers in all NH towns.

    He has fought and won many taxpayer battles over the years and is well-known in conservative circles for the CNHT "Taxpayer Pledge" which every candidate for public office in NH is urged to sign. CNHT has helped countless taxpayer groups and individuals across the state navigate local and school issues.

    Ed can often be heard on many radio talk shows throughout NH with notables such as Brian Tilton, Charles Sherman, Gardner Goldsmith, Al Kulas, and Niel Young. He also is the main host of his own talk radio show completing its sixth year on WLMW 90.7 FM each Thursday night from 6-8PM and streaming on the web at

    He is well-connected with political personalities in both NH and DC.

    By trade, Ed has been an arborist for 35 years and involved with lumberjack competitions, working locally as well as with ESPN's summer Stihl Timbersports series.

    His unique experiences dictate that his commentary on NH politics and personalities is not only insightful, but always humorous.


  • Rep Steve Vaillancourt

    Steve began his career as a newspaper reporter and also was a sportscaster for many years.  He's a member of the Plymouth State Sports Hall of Fame.  Steve served as a Ward 8 Alderman for one term and for more than ten years has hosted More Politically Alert on Manchester public access TV 23 (on the web at  His cousin Kurt Wright, a Vermont State Rep, nearly became mayor of Burlington, VT, last year; after leading for the first two rounds but failing to get 50 percent, Kurt lost in round three of the rather arcane Instant Runoff system used in Burlington.   He’ll be back!  Steve is an avid reader of history (both European with an emphasis on Germany and Russia and early American).  He lived in Berlin for a year just after the Wall came down, but confines his travels to Montreal these days and often does filming there for his show.  When he's not legislating, hosting his show, blogging here, or traveling there, Steve is probably doing crossword puzzles.