Trumps Army of 20 Minute Republicans

Donald Trump has built a virtual army of voters, many of which were found in the ranks of the undeclared voters sometimes referred to as independent voters. This was possible due to a system that rewards people for being disconnected from the process. They are allowed to select any ballot they wish either Republican or Democratic in the primaries. Then after voting they are allowed to immediately return their status to undeclared. This process takes about 20 minutes from getting a ballot, voting, submitting the ballot and then going to the Supervisors of the Checklist table to submit their change party affiliation card returning to Undeclared status.

When Trump declares that he is bringing thousands of people into the party he is just blustering or perhaps he doesn't actually know that these voters were strictly 20 minute Republicans. They have no intention of supporting the party, helping to raise money for other races almost as important like US Senator or US House Representative. 

So when the RNC called me, it could have been the NRSC or the NRCC, looking to get me to contribute to their cause I told them to go and solicit all those thousands of new party members, the 20 minute Republicans, Trump says he brought to the table. They should be able to raise millions of dollars from such a large group. Only problem is it will take some research to figure out who these 20 minute Republicans are since their status was Undeclared before the election and it is Undeclared after the election.

One way to fix this is to eliminate the open primaries, make the voters select their party affiliation 90 days before the election. Another is to find a candidate that will run as an Undeclared. Then Undeclared's would be forced to vote in the Undeclared election with no option to select another parties ballot.

For certain we wouldn't be in this Trump mess, he lost almost all closed primary states where only Republicans could vote for who would be the Republican candidate.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

Hillary Clinton - White Privilege Poster Child

There is special treatment for the Clintons. Hillary has clearly violated a number of laws regarding use and protection of State secrets. If this had been a Black person would they have been able to use the tactic that they didn't realize it was wrong so it was just a mistake and they apologized. Where is "Black Lives Matter" organization? 

I continue to be amazed that Black Americans are so enamored with the Clinton's. I know the claim is they support and provide for Black Americans in their policies but the evidence clearly shows that the Liberal Progressive policies have been disastrous for Black Americans. 

Black Americans are more likely to be poor. They are most likely to live in dangerous and putrid conditions in public housing projects They are most likely unemployed with Black youth having particularly high unemployment numbers. Union rules help to keep Blacks out of the professions and trades associated with middle class living. Abortion policies have led to a degradation of traditional family values. As a potential means of controlling the Black population abortion and late term abortion policies have decimated the Black population. Planned Parenthood as the largest abortion provider has almost single handedly eliminated 1/3 of the Black Population. Statistics show that the numbers are so slanted as to wonder if this is a planned assault on Blacks. Blacks are about 15% of the population but account for 34% of all abortions, and 58% of all late term abortions. 

Certainly fawning over people like Hillary Clinton just reinforces White Privilege!   

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Bob DeMaura


Trump Wants To Change the Rules!

Amazing, just amazing. Here is this supposedly intelligent person who defines himself as a Very Good Republican, yet he had no clue as to how the nominating process works. Now that he has learned how it works he wants them to change it just for him! After all he didn't have the opportunity to change it before it got this far and that is unfair!

But the real reason he didn't get to change it before this election cycle is because contrary to what he blathers on about he wasn't a Republican, so he wasn't part of any of the Party decisions.

And his success can be traced directly to Open primaries versus Closed, party member only primaries. Almost all the states Trump won are Open Primary states. He loses regularly in Closed, Party member only states. Personally I have always thought that Open Primaries would be like having Open Draft picks in Baseball, I.E. letting the Yankees pick the players the Red Sox will get to work with.

If the RNC doesn't want this happening again they need to shut down all open primary states.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

Fiorina For President!

Carly has the experience and leadership skills needed to get our country back on track as defined by our Constitution, a Democratic Republic. Carly is the only candidate to recognize the base cause of our major problems is the ever growing size of the Federal Government. From the EPA to the IRS, the Department of Education to the Department of the Interior and all the departments in-between have grown exponentially and with that growth comes ever expanding rules and regulations crushing middle America.

Carly knows the system is rigged from personal experience. Just this past weekend she was excluded from the Republican Debates by ABC News and WMUR despite beating or tying 3 of the candidates at last week’s Iowa caucuses that did debate. Why was she excluded? Perhaps because ABC News supports Hillary Clinton and Carly poses the greatest threat to Hillary’s coronation. Or it could be the fact that the Republican Party leadership appears to be clinging to their view that women are second class citizens.

Despite all the roadblocks put in her way she has soldiered on delivering her message of a small limited Federal government, Sovereign rights of the States, and the restoration of the Character of our Nation.

Join NHInsider today and support a 21st century  reformation of our country and the Republican Party.

Vote for Carly for President! 

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Bob DeMaura

Bush Campaign Desperation – Supporter Claims Fiorina Has Dropped out!

The Bush campaign is now at the desperation stage. A door knocker supporter with Jeb stickers on and Jeb handouts and a clip board just told me that Carly had dropped out of the race when I told her I was supporting Carly.

She asked if I would be supporting her guy Governor Bush. I said No. She asked who I would be supporting (there’s a Carly sign on my lawn). I replied Carly.

Oh it’s too bad that she is dropping out of the race!

I said “What are you talking about”

She said “Yes, it was just on the news.”

I said “You are lying, Carly is not dropping out.”

She said “No Really, I just heard it on the news she is dropping out”

I replied “I know you are lying because I would have heard way before you. My Son is the ED of Carly for America! So get the hell out of here!”

And off she scurried.

Wow Jeb that is way in the gutter politics!

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura

ABC News & WMUR – Use FAKE Data to Exclude Carly From Debate!

Isn’t it ironic that ABC News, staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton, are using fake polling data to exclude Carly Fiorina from the Republican debate in NH. They had actual voting results from Iowa that they could have used but chose not to.

Yes Fake data. The polls are corrupt, people lie on these polls, and especially if you are receiving 3 – 4 polling calls every day. Yes some are real polls and some are candidate sponsored polls. What they all have in common is they only include the candidates they choose. Carly has been left out of those polls, as well as some other candidates. Yes of course when you average the polls a whole bunch of Zero selections certainly drive down the averages. They are Zero selections because they weren’t offered as a choice.

I know when they ask me which of these 4 candidates or 6 candidates I would vote for, I have no choice but to lie. I always select TRUMP when put in that position. I hope this comes back on them when they do the after the actual vote review and find their numbers were way off for TRUMP, and Trump gets a kick in his EGO when his actual vote counts are way less than anticipated.

I encourage everyone who thinks this is an outrage to not watch the debates tonight unless Carly is in the mix. That’s right protest the whole sham debate, not watch the advertisers, and get them really low numbers of viewers as punishment for trying to influence the candidate selection instead of just reporting on it.

Carly is absolutely correct “It is time to take our country back”!


Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura

2016 – RIP Telephone Polling!

Will 2016 be the year that telephone polling finally dies? It has been a tumultuous few years for the Telephone Polling industry, with all the new technology it is getting harder and harder to find people to poll. Perhaps this is the reason that 2012 polling fell so far short of reality. How far off will the current polling companies numbers be for 2016?

Now comes the mobile revolution. With telephones no longer tied to a building in a state instead free to roam the country. People living in say Pennsylvania have a NH Area Code. Plus there is no real directory of cell phones.

Yet here we are today, letting the media decide who is a candidate and who isn’t based on a known flawed system, telephone polling.

I predict the IA caucus and NH Primary will show that those who the main stream media have been touting as Front Runners will actually be laggards.


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

Everybody WINS! Late Term Abortion Policy

Over 40 years ago the Supreme Court ruled that all women have a right to pregnancy termination in the case known as Roe V Wade. It was never clarified as to when this right applied. Was it only in the early stages where a simple D & C (dilation and curettage) would suffice or did it apply to late stage pregnancy when a more involved medical procedure called Partial Birth Abortion was required? In this procedure the women is induced to deliver the child. A Doctor then kills it using various procedures such as crushing the head before the child is fully delivered.

In that same time period other things have changed dramatically, in particular technology. A computer that in 1974 occupied a very large room requiring 24-7 coverage, tons of air conditioning and large quantities of electrical power, today is 10+ times more powerful and fits in the palm of your hand. One area that benefited the most from this technology explosion was the medical field.

It is now time to redefine late term abortions. Here is my take on how to handle this issue.

A woman will still be able to terminate their pregnancy after 18 weeks of gestation. However we can eliminate the messy killing part of the process. The woman will go to her local clinic where her doctor is located. They will make an appointment for the procedure for her at a medical center with a neo-natal intensive care unit. She will be given a voucher for mileage from her home to the local clinic and from the local clinic to the medical center. She will be reimbursed for the mileage at the rate of $1 per mile round trip.

She will bring the voucher to the medical center on the day of her pregnancy termination procedure, and turn it in at the medical center on admission. She will also sign away all rights to this child to the State division of child welfare. The State child services department will now make all decisions regarding this child.

The women will then be dilated and labor induced. When the child is born it will go immediately to the neo-natal intensive care unit. It will be cared for throughout the remaining gestation period by the medical center. Once the child has reached the end of the gestation period the State will arrange for an adoption.

Should the child perish before reaching the end of gestation the State will turn over the child’s body to the medical researchers they have approved for further medical research, including using body parts and things like stem-cells for the care of the already born but ill humans.

Upon discharge the women will be given her mileage reimbursement in cash by the medical center. The medical center will then submit the voucher for reimbursement at the rate of $1.25 per mile to the State.

Everybody wins with this plan. The woman gets her pregnancy terminated, the child gets a shot at life, researchers get the opportunity to experiment with the bodies of the children unable to survive, the medical center gets paid for and the chance to make improvements in the care and nurturing of the tiny premature birth children and doctors and nurses are no longer put in the position of having to terminate i.e. kill small helpless children. Researchers get access to materials needed for experimentation, ill humans of all ages get access to perhaps life saving materials, and perhaps most important politically both Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers get the results they lobby for.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

Booze, Bets, Butts, and Beer NH Has An Addiction Problem, Who Knew?

NH is all about addiction! Our main revenue streams are from Booze, Bets, Butts, and Beer with Buds soon to be added. So why are we shocked that there are a number of people using heroin. It is currently one of the cheapest of the addictions, a lot of that savings is due to the fact the State of NH hasn’t managed to add on taxes to the product.

Perhaps that is the real solution, make it all legal and tax the hell out of it. Any politician that claims they are concerned with the addiction factor is lying, or else they would have voted to make all the above illegal and not the center piece of our taxing strategy!

It wasn’t addiction to heroin that called attention to this issue, we have had heroin around for many years, and no one stepped up and called it an epidemic. Now that young adults are dying from overdoses of ‘bad’ heroin it is suddenly a crisis. Reality is the overdosing problem is a quality control problem and has little to do with addiction. ‘Bad’ heroin is showing up on the streets. This is either stronger than the average user is accustomed to or it has been cut with other potentially lethal drug combinations such as Fentanyl.  The users are using the same amount they always used but now they are dying!

And we have a big election coming in 2016, so all the candidates are jumping on the bandwagon to ‘solve’ the problem.

All I’m saying is the Government caused the problem when they got between Doctors and their patients and regulated who could get opioid pain killers. This caused the patients to seek relief elsewhere. Now the government claims they can solve this problem by putting more barriers between Doctors and their Patients and of course a large sum of money, $11.1 million more thrown at the problem. Gov Hassan promises she has the answer. Gov Hassan has shown a unique ability to totally misunderstand the problem so her first reaction is more of the same crap that caused it in the first place.

I can only hope that the NH House and Senate will be able to step back and carefully consider the options and possible solutions. Gov Hassan shows her preference for Bird Shot, just scatter money everywhere and perhaps some of it will be beneficial.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHI Owner/Operator

Gov. Hassan’s Opioid Plan: Driving People to Heroin Use!

Yesterday I learned of Gov. Hassan’s plan to strictly regulate Opioids putting a 5 day limit on Opioid prescriptions. This is one of the dumbest ideas yet to control the heroin problem. Thinking she can reduce demand for heroin by taking away legitimate usage of “pain” medications. The opposite is sure to happen. Hasn’t she been paying attention, one of the biggest draws to heroin has been the stopping of the prescriptions for pain relief medication. The patient then seeks out other substances to relieve their pain.

There are a number of things that can be done. Causing the price to rise through law enforcement intervention is perhaps the best. Making proper dosages available while undergoing treatment could also work as each day the amount given is reduced until the patient is down to literally a minimal amount or nothing.

Making marijuana available and legal will also help, the biggest problem with this plan is it affects alcohol sales, which almost every State relies on for tax revenue. Note that for all the outrage about tobacco usage, no state has made it illegal to possess or use tobacco. Alcohol is the most abused drug causing the most deaths, including deaths of innocent people, yet nothing is ever done to restrict alcohol usage. No State wants to make alcohol illegal due to loss of tax revenue.

Finally if you are serious about fixing the drug problem then you have to start at the beginning. A serious effort to curb alcohol usage. Alcohol is not only the gateway drug for all the rest of the drugs it is also the companion drug for all other drugs. A heroin user waiting for his fix to be delivered will drink hard liquor as the buzz most resembles heroin. Alcohol also takes more lives than all the other drugs combined and it is not restricted to just the user, innocents are at risk from someone else’s use of alcohol. At least the so called “Heroin Epidemic” results in people taking their own lives, without jeopardizing the lives of innocent bystanders. 

Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura