NH CD-1 Representative Carol Shea-Porter goes ALL-IN with Speaker Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the BIGGEST entitlement program to come out of DC in many, many years. Note in the below video of the announcement that the 3rd speaker after the Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader Hoyer is none other than NH ‘s Carol Shea-Porter.

Can it be any more clear that Carol Shea-Porter is ALL-IN with Pelosi and the MoveOn.org folks on National Socialized Healthcare! Carol has decided that supporting this behemoth of a bill is the right thing to do for her constituents. Unfortunately, for NH CD-1 voters Carol has clearly shown that her constituents are the minority of far left leaning liberals in NH and the National Progressive movement of the uber rich elitists. Certainly not the average regular Jane’s and Joe’s of NH CD-1. Carol are you really that positive that these are the folks that got you elected?

Forgetting about the politics, even scarier is the bills intended purpose. The complete Government takeover of Health Care from top to bottom. Yes, there are problems with Health Care but the problems of today are dwarfs compared to what is coming with this bill. A bill to use Government programs to solve a problem that was created by Government programs, in particular Medicare and Medicaid.

If Medicare and Medicaid are already underpaying health care providers thus shifting costs to those who have private insurance or pay cash, how in the world will more Government health care underpaying “solve’ this crisis.

The real revelation will be when the Unions finally figure out that by year 10 of this plan, their members will be taxed and taxed and taxed until the system can no longer support the enormous healthcare system without deep cuts. This will cause the closing of all under performing health care providers, resulting in the lose of millions of JOBS!

Way to go unions you have now officially authorized, with your support of this bill, the elimination of millions of your members!

Here is the video of the announcement with Speaker Pelosi and House Majority Leader Hoyer. Note at the end that Leader Hoyer introduces NH’s Carol Shea-Porter with some interesting descriptions of Ms Shea-Porter.

If you have a bad case of insomnia below is the link to the Bill in its entirety, all 1990+ pages of legalese and double talk!