Why Not CHIP

I oppose all the current healthcare plans before Congress and highly promoted by President Obama. It is not the care and concern that bothers me; it is the obvious deceit and subterfuge that accompanies this legislation. There is no doubt after looking at many different sections that this is the next major step towards a Federal Government takeover of the healthcare industry. It is a major usurping of the states authority to govern its citizens.


There is already available with some adjustments, a solution to the uninsured that meets constitutional muster, and preserves the Sovereignty of the States. It is very effective and efficient as well said our current NH US House members who voted to expand it just this past year. It is CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. In NH, it goes by the name NH Healthy Kids. Let’s expand it and rename it, CHIP, the Citizens Health Insurance Program. While we are reforming, let’s move Medicare Administration and Management to the States. The Federal government would return to the states the Medicare taxes and premiums collected from the states citizens.


Next major issue is that costs for healthcare seem to be this big secret. That is what must change. The State Insurance and Medical Boards need to take a proactive role in setting medical provider rates in their states. Each state as well as every provider has varying operating conditions but certainly, the healthcare provider can set competitive rates and explain any drastic discrepancies. These rates should be published and widely available for comparison. That is the price you pay regardless if you are paying cash, using private insurance or as a “NH Healthy Citizens” member.


Finally, a major problem is that you do not own your health insurance, your employer does. This puts you at the mercy of your employer, their financial situation, and loss of coverage if you leave a job, no transportability or continuity and possible privacy concerns. A solution is to have open markets for health insurance, which you purchase from your Health Savings Account to which both you and your employer make contributions. The HSA’s would be used only for medical insurance and uncovered medical expenses and the contributions and growth would be tax free and willable.


Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to end this Federal Takeover of the Healthcare Industry immediately!


Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator