Ann Kuster, A Pre-Corrupted Politician

Thank you Kathy Sullivan for being so diligent in recognizing potential ethics violations. That Charlie Bass may have benefited after he left office from Green Legislation meant to encourage the growth of the Green Economy in the USA and in New Hampshire. New England Wood Pellets has certainly grown in the past 10 -12 years providing employment in the Monadnock region. Yes, because of a fluke of birth, Charlie Bass was able to take advantage of his family’s business.

That does bring up the major ethical issues that Ann Kuster presents as a former Lobbyist, whose job it was to influence legislation to benefit her clients. How can we ever be sure that if elected she would be serving the residents of NH CD-2 and not her clients both former and future?

We know that she worked for clients in the Banking, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Will Kuster, if elected have to recuse herself from all legislation having anything to do with these industries? Ann Kuster needs to release a list of all her clients that she lobbied for so the voters will be able to tell if she were elected, when she is voting for the NH CD-2 residents and when she is voting for her clients.

I found it a bit strange that the Democrats were so happy to support a Lobbyist as their candidate in NH CD-2. After all the hullabaloo from the folks with BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) over the past 10 years regarding Bush and Congress just being tools of the Corporate Lobbyists, it was rather intriguing that they would go ahead and nominate a Lobbyist as their candidate.

Charlie Bass was a perfect NH CD-2 legislator, he voted with his Party 60% of the time, the other 40% he crossed the aisle and stood with the Democrats, especially when it involved social issues or environmental issues. Hodes who promised to have a backbone ended up voting 94% with his party line and 100% as told to by Nancy Pelosi in the Democrat Caucus! For Charlie all I can say is “Be careful if you lie down with dogs you might get up with fleas!”

Again, thanks Kathy for bringing this up, it is high time that Ann Kuster comes clean about her corporate relationships. The residents of NH CD-2 have a right to know what kind of legislator they might be getting if they vote for Kuster!