Did Desperate Democrats Launch ‘False Flag’ Phone Jamming Attack?

The Democrat party has filed a complaint with the States Attorney General’s office accusing the Republicans of jamming the phone lines throughout the State of New Hampshire. I do hope the Attorney Generals office looks into these charges and takes a serious look at whether this was actually a ‘False Flag’ attack by the desperate Democrats themselves.

Our phones in Peterborough were jammed throughout most of the afternoon. I was unable to receive or make phone calls with the message that "all circuits are busy". I was trying to make GOTV calls to friends and acquaintances to come out, vote and get our State and Country back on the right track away from this Democrat sponsored Socialist radical agenda.

Worse though was the fact that I was anxiously awaiting a call from my nephew’s wife about the condition of my nephew and Godson who is currently in critical condition on life support at UMASS Medical center. Because of this break down in telecommunications access, we made the decision to drive to Worcester MA. This took me away from my task of getting out the Republican and Independent votes to remove the Democrat/Socialists from office.

The question is with the Republicans clearly leading in all the polls, why in the world would they have to jam phones? On the other hand with the Democrats trailing by double digits in some cases, it sure would benefit the Democrat party to have the phones jammed hindering the Republican GOTV activities and then to make a big deal out of accusing the Republicans of the deed.

I pray the NH Attorney Generals office is wise enough to see through this scheme and bring to bear the full force and authority of their office to prosecute the offenders.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator