Governor Lynch – Free Jean Coutu!

It is high time that Governor Lynch exercise his authority and power as the Chief Executive Officer of this political subdivision called New Hampshire! An underling of the Governor’s in the Department of Safety is using State authority and resources to pursue a personal vendetta against Jean Coutu! (See Governor Lynch has been silent about this abuse of power. Governor, do you support the use of the States authority and resources to enact a form of personal retribution? Is this what citizens of NH should expect from your leadership?

There are plenty of possible culprits here none of which is Jean Coutu. First is the Property Owner. There are no requirements that a property owner use PSNH for power. Any property owner can go “Off the Grid” anytime they wish. If they do the Property Owner takes responsibility for their property, including making sure the “Main” switch to the PSNH resource is in the OFF position!

PSNH is a private enterprise and as such is responsible for the safety of their employees. Why is it that the NH Department of Safety and Governor Lynch have decided that it is the responsibility of private property owners to protect PSNH workers. PSNH is well aware of what is needed to protect their workers. Here in the Monadnock region we have a handful of property owners that “Back Feed” power into the PSNH lines constantly, even during power outages! Somehow, PSNH manages to protect their workers in that situation! This is a situation that will be occurring with increasing frequency as the country goes green, more power will be generated at the site of use and excess will be back fed into the PSNH service lines.

Finally, if the NH Department of Safety is so positive that giving advice violates State Regulations then they should go after a really large offender, TIME-LIFE BOOKS. They have been publishing and selling books on how to do your own electrical work at home for years in complete disregard for the NH Department of Safety’s interpretation of the electrical regulations.

Governor Lynch, do the right thing and order the Department of Safety to drop these ridiculous charges immediately!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator