Sen Shaheen Stop Meddling in Spirit Air’s Business Model!

Recently Spirit Air decided to start charging for Carry on Luggage. The kind of luggage that could and should be stored in the luggage compartment of the airplane.

Sen Shaheen joined a group of Democrat Legislators calling on Spirit Air to drop the charges and to try to influence the other airlines to not follow Spirit Air’s example.

This is down and dirty meddling in a private company’s business model. Spirit Air has every right to charge for the things it finds it is providing for the convenience of their customers. The customers of Spirit Air have the option of not flying with Spirit Air. It is the perfect example of the market shaping the price structure.

In a former career I travelled extensively and there wasn’t anything much worse than trying to board a plane while the folks in front of you are taking the entire contents of their home and stuffing it into the overheads. Then having to wait while these same folks tried to get it all back out again after landing. When a plane hits severe turbulence the crap stored in the overheads can and often does go flying out turning your carry on luggage into dangerous projectiles! Personally I would recommend the airlines remove the overheads completely!

The question becomes does Sen Shaheen have any interest in leading or does she just pander to voters. What experience running a business does Sen Shaeen have? Has she ever run a business that required it show a profit to survive? Forcing Spirit Air out of business, losing the jobs and the competition does no one any good.

Sen Shaheen, stop meddling in the Free Enterprise system that has worked quite well for hundreds of years before you came along!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura