Mexican Nationals Declare War on USA

The Arizona “Illegal Immigrant” law has sparked debate and controversy but none so bold as I will assert. There are 2 separate and distinct problems that need action. The first is the Failure of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service to perform their duties. The second is a Major Conflict between two nations that the State Department and the Obama Administration needs to get under control.

The Illegal Immigrant issue is a nationwide problem. Evidence of this was recent local newscasts that followed up on reports about Barack Obama’s 57 year old aunt from Kenya. She is in the USA illegally and issued deportation orders back in 2004. Yet today she is still living in Boston in subsidized elderly and disabled housing. Why haven’t the Obama’s sponsored this woman? Why is she still in the USA after INS deportation orders? Why is the city of Boston using taxpayer funds to house (who knows what other aid she receives) a person that should have been deported as an Illegal Immigrant?

The above example is evidence of the failure of INS to perform their duties. There are tens of thousands of “students” here on student visa’s that have over stayed their visit, are no longer enrolled in school and INS has no idea where they are! The entire INS operation needs a complete and thorough review and restructuring to handle today’s issues.

The problem with Mexico is much deeper than a mere immigration issue. Any politicking to make it that is pure and simple nonsense. Armed men and women are crossing our border with Mexico, entering the Border States, such as Arizona and killing or kidnapping our citizens and visitors. This formerly was called  “An Act of War”! Add to that the drain on American health, education, welfare, and law enforcement resources these foreign insurgents are putting on our cities, towns, and states. Our border states are shouldering most of the cost of this insurgency.

Whether the Mexican Government is complicit in this aggression or not they are still responsible for the actions of their citizens. If Mexico can’t stop this then I suggest that the USA offer to join with them in a joint task force to clean up the crime and corruption in their country.

Yes, the USA does share some blame as we have antiquated, racist laws regarding the use of Marijuana. This has created the huge drug growing and distribution business in Mexico. If the USA legalized Marijuana most of these Cartels would collapse completely or have to change over to more hard core drugs that have less of an appeal thus a much smaller market.

President Obama needs to take a much tougher stand with Mexico than has been shown so far in the recent State visit with Mexico’s President Calderone. Unfortunately, he has once again relied on his foreign policy position that it is the USA’s fault and we will fix our bad behavior.

As for Arizona, thanks for having the courage to stand up and show the rest of the nation how serious the problems really are. I say boycott Boston, LA, the NBA, and Major League Baseball. I’ve already started by refusing to watch any of the Boston sports teams, and all things Massachusetts that I can until such time as Boston sides with America instead of Mexico!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator

P.S. Below are some interesting videos culled from the Internet. There are thousands of them proving my thesis that Mexican Nationals are at War with the USA!


Lou Dodd a few years ago …President Calderone talking about Mexican rights

Ron Gochez asks for Mexican revolution

Mexican students knock US flag to ground

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