Bob Guida – An Opportunity Lost

Though I wasn’t present, I have read about the recent speaking engagement of NH CD-2 Republican candidate Bob Guida at a Nashua High School. Here he was asked questions regarding his position on Gay Marriage. True to form Mr Guida gave his honest opinion on the topic, one shared by a majority of people in New Hampshire.

This spurred the NH Democrat Party Race Baiting, Fear Mongering, Hate Spewing, Name Calling machine to go into full spin mode with outrageous claims based on skewed interpretations of what Mr Guida actually said. Of course, they demanded that every Republican within 200 miles needs to apologize to some hypothetical single mom or gay person for Mr Guida’s honest opinion. The NH Democrat Party claims that the majority of NH residents agree with them but they will work relentlessly to keep any such questions off the ballot where the voters reject Gay Marriage every time. Even in places like ultra liberal California.

I was more disappointed that Mr Guida missed a handful of golden opportunities.

The first was a civics lesson for those young people. They obviously don’t understand the role of a US Congressman, nor do they have a very thorough understanding of the Constitution as it relates to social issues and States Rights. A US Congressman will not be voting on Gay Marriage it is a State issue and has always been a State issue, Marriage is defined and controlled by the States.

The second opportunity was to let the Republican and Independent voters of New Hampshire know that he is a true Small Government Conservative, who believes in the sovereignty of the States as defined by the 10th Amendment.

Lastly, he would have avoided the NH Democrat Party Race Baiting, Fear Mongering, Hate Spewing Name Calling they shovel out! Although at this point Mr Guida may be able to wear the crap they get on you like a badge of courage for standing up against the knee-jerk name calling, free speech haters.