Shaheen, Hodes and Shea-Porter Vote In Favor of Racial Profiling

The financial reform bill passed by Congress has a little talked about section on hiring based on Racial and Gender Preferences. This requirement establishes racial profiling as a matter of law, for all financial institutions. It was another straight party line vote in both chambers with a few from each party defecting to the other side. Most notably in the Senate it was the Northeast RINOS Brown, Collins and Snowe voting with the Democrats for the bill and Russ Feingold voting with the Republicans against the reform package. Shaheen (D), Hodes (D) and Shea-Porter (D) all voted in favor of gender and racial profiling in the Financial Industry, Judd Gregg (R) voted against it.

How is it possible to give racial preference in hiring without establishing a profile of every employment candidate especially regarding their racial and ethnic background?

It once again shows that the Democratic Party is racist. They see race at every turn and find it necessary to make laws based on race. They are trying to turn the Free Enterprise system that has been for the most part a meritocracy, where a person advances based on their skills and contributions and turning it into a gender and race based entitlement system. It is degrading to anyone of color telling them they can’t get a job without using their race as the ticket. This is also very divisive policy as it creates a government mandated system of winners and losers based wholly on race or gender.

There are bright spots. This signals the end of the Unions as we know them today. With the Federal government taking such a micro-managed role in running businesses, it will no longer be necessary to have a union. Members will come to realize that their dues are only contributing to the lifestyles of the Union Bosses and the political candidates they favor. Any work related issues, right down to who is hired are being legislated.

Secondly, this should have the attorneys representing Arizona in the federal lawsuits jumping for joy. Any complaints about racial profiling are now moot with the Federal Government making profiling not only legal but also a requirement!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura