NEA NH - Hateful Politics or Children's Safety?

The recently elected Republican leadership in NH changed the rules to once again allow Licensed NH Legislators to bring their gun with them to the Statehouse. NEA NH (NH Public School Teachers Union), urged all the states public schools to stop bringing their students to the Statehouse. Then NEA NH cancelled the annual “Read with your Legislator” program. Their reasoning is it is no longer safe to bring students to the Statehouse because guns might be in the building.

Since NH is a concealed carry by license state, law abiding citizens carrying guns can be present anywhere in the state except on school grounds. If this is truly about the safety of the children then we can expect the teachers will no longer support any activities that place the children in the presence of guns.

Examples of activities to cancel are sports such as Golf, Alpine Skiing, Swimming, and Ice Hockey. No more stopping at McDonalds on the way home from events at other schools. Trips to museums, nature preserves, environmental camps, sports camps, band camps, chorus and drama events are no longer safe unless held at a public school. Class trips to the Statehouse, Washington DC or to foreign countries. The schools must pull support for the YMCA’s American Heritage Tour and New England Heritage tours.

For Peterborough’s Children and the Arts Day it could be a blessing. They are having a financial shortfall due to the Town requesting some funding from the program for providing public safety personnel. The program will now be restricted to school property to make it safe for the children. No longer can we allow all the local schools to post the kids artwork around town, then have a huge parade with dancing, singing, music, and art, art, art everywhere!

Was this a cheap, vile, fear mongering, demonizing, political ploy by the Teachers Union, a tactic taught by Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals”, or is this real concern for the safety of the children? You decide!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator