Occupy Wall Street – A Brilliant Strategy for Ending Unions!

This morning while reading the various demands of the Occupy forces and it occurred to me that the Democrats have come up with a Brilliant Strategy for ending Public Sector unions.

Everyone needs to stop paying their mortgages, is one of the techniques they hope to use against the Big Banks. They think this will bring America to their knees and I now have to agree they are correct.

I know my property taxes are escrowed with my mortgage. I don’t pay my mortgage my property taxes won’t be paid! No property taxes collected, no Police, Fire, Public employees, or Teachers will be paid! The banks won’t have any money to loan to the municipalities, the cities and towns will have to shutdown! There will be no money for the banks to loan to people buying cars, voila, the Auto Workers unions will collapse.

No money coming in to the unions, no money to pay for union benefits! The union pension Ponzi Schemes will collapse!

I’m just guessing, but I assume that the average Conservative home has guns and enough ammunition to protect their property from any intruders including the Cities and Towns trying to take them for tax liens. With no police to protect the city and town workers I doubt they will be attempting to take conservatives homes. The liberals on the other hand won’t be able to protect themselves their families or their homesteads, and will probably want to give them up freely anyways to help out their union friends that caused this.

Let the Revolution begin!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura