Mitt, ICYMI: Texas 1200 Florida 0

Mitt Romney made a big deal about the illegal immigrant population growing faster in Texas than in Florida. Well, Mitt, evidently geography wasn’t your strong subject in school. Texas has over 1200 miles of border with the country of Mexico. Florida on the other hand is surrounded by ocean, and has 0 (zero) miles of border with a foreign country.

In Texas, Governor Perry is fighting a war with the Mexican drug cartels along this expansive border, with little to no help from the Federal Government. Governor Perry has had to enlist the Texas National Guard and the Texas State Police Special Forces to try to reign in the daily incursions along this huge border. Furthermore, in an act of Treason, the Obama Administration, specifically the Department of Justice under Eric Holder through the “Fast and Furious” program has been supplying military grade weaponry to the enemy!

Then to state that after you decided to run for the Office of President of The United States you went to your landscaping company and demanded they fire the illegal immigrants working on your properties. That is quite an admission. You were fine with them offering you cut rate service up until the cost savings were no longer beneficial because being a candidate for public office took precedent. Its always all about what is best for Mitt!

Mitt tell us about your record on illegal immigration while Governor of Massachusetts! You did nothing, in fact illegal’s are afforded in-state tuition at Massachusetts higher education institutions!

Mitt Romney, extremely squishy on illegal immigrants!