Payroll Tax Extension - $160 from President Obama or $1040 from the House Republicans, You Decide!

President Obama just finished his press conference trying to place all the blame for the failure to pass the Payroll Tax extension on House Republicans. It’s a bold face lie and he knows.

The rules are clear and unambiguous, the Senate President Harry Reid now has to assign members of the Senate to a conference committee to reconcile the differences in the 2 bills, the Senate Version with a 2 month extension and the House version with a full year extension.

President Obama himself favored the 1 year extension until he didn’t! Why is President Obama playing with the poor and middle class? Is this part of his Class Warfare strategy to win re-election?

President Obama also told a few lies or at least serious spins of half truths.

President Obama claims it is $40 per week while the CBO says it is about $1000 per year or $20 per week. Yes, even the $20 is a lot of money to someone living week to week, unemployment check to unemployment check, I understand. I wonder however if the millions of elderly retirees and others on Social Security and Medicare are aware that Obama is talking about taking money away from Social Security and Medicare to fund this Re-election Year Christmas present!

President Obama told the story as if the Rules for Conference Committees didn’t exist and those mean old Republicans are taking money away from you. He makes the giant leap that the people are stupid and don’t understand the rules.

In Summary you must decide do you want to support the Senate Democrats led by Senator Harry Reid and President Obama so you can get a tax break that totals $320. Assuming that you use the pie in the sky President Obama figures, or $160 using the CBO figures. Or do you support he House Republicans who want you to have a Payroll Tax cut of $2080 using President Obama’s figures or $1040 using the CBO numbers.

Either way it is a no brainer, Senator Harry Reid should call the Senators back, assign a committee, and do this right!

Representative Boehner stick to your guns, stay on the high road, hold out for the principle of running the Government as it should be and not this haphazard approach of President Obama and the Democrats that has caused so many problems already!