Japan Earthquake Analysts explains Arctic Ice Melt, Its the Tilt!

This morning on ABC Good Morning America show they interviewed a geological scientist and he let slip the explanation for the melting ice in the Arctic on one side and the expanding ice sheet on the other side. You know, the situation that Al Gore and the Climate Changers/ Global Warming Alarmist point to as man made disaster!

This scientist pointed out that the Quake in Chile in 1960 was so strong that it actually changed the way the earth was positioned on its axis. A shift in the tilt so to speak. This change would certainly answer the question why is the ice expanding on one side and contracting/melting on the other side.

If you check any of my responses to any of the blogs that refer to Global Warming/Climate Change, and in conversations about Global Warming/Climate Change, and OK yes a few Letters to the Editor, I always asked wouldn't a change in the earth's tilt even slightly cause this ice expansion contraction phenomena.

Well it appears I have been vindicated. The earth did change it's tilt!

Now for that Greenhouse Gas Theory.

Man Made green house gas in the atmosphere, increasing levels of CO2, etc. will not cause Global Warming! It will in fact cause Global Cooling as it blocks the Sun's rays from getting through. The Sun is responsible for nearly all the heat on the planet. Mans activity alone would not provide enough heat energy to keep the planet warm enough to support life of any sort!