Marjorie Porter (D) Hillsborough Asks What’s the Difference.

In a recent Monadnock Ledger-Transcript Letter to the Editor Ms. Marjorie Porter (D) Hillsborough rhetorically asked Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien What is the difference between Tea Partiers disrupting Town Hall Meetings being called patriots and Union members, many who were bussed in from Massachusetts, disrupting the legislature while in session being called thugs? I can answer that for the Speaker. At Town Hall meetings, Politicians make promises that they have no idea how to fund. The legislature is where the state conducts its business.

It’s obvious she really doesn’t know the difference. After 4 years of Democrat majority in NH we are left with a Billion (that’s a thousand million) dollar unfunded hole in the state’s budget. They expanded state government every year. Now the Republican controlled house is getting this under control. Every state agency budget faces scrutiny. This includes DHHS, the largest agency in the state, cutting their budget. The legislature doesn’t tell them where to cut, that is the job of our meek Governor Lynch, and the management staff of the state agencies. They can make this political, only cutting services or they can do the hard work of restructuring DHHS and the other agencies to be more efficient.

Lynch could have stopped the out of control spending. Two years ago, Lynch downshifted most of the unfunded costs to the cities and towns. Last year being an election year, Lynch chose to borrow the unfunded costs through bonding adding hundreds of millions to the states debt service. Ironically, the Democrats proclaim a hatred for large financial institutions while their policies enrich the very organizations they supposedly hate.

Another writer bemoaned the elimination of the 10% lottery tax. That tax has cost the state millions in lost revenue. If you are from Maine , Massachusetts or Vermont why would you pay an absolute 10% tax in NH, when you can make similar wagers in your own states and pay the income tax after deductibles of no more that 7%. Isn’t the lottery already a 50% tax on folks bad in mathematics? Every dollar you chase away with the lottery tax costs the state $0.50 in revenue, so they can collect 10% of the prize money over $600. This is rather small as the prize pool is about $0.50 of every $1 with only a small percentage of the prize pool going to winners over $600

The Ledger Transcript’s bias is showing. Writing fear mongering story after story straight from the Democrat talking points is not reporting. Your conservation writer Ian Aldrich used his column to spout “We are not Broke” another Democrat talking point meaning there is plenty left to tax. Does Aldrich know that if he isn’t broke he can send in any extra money to the Government at any time? He could also donate it to places like the Harris Center supporting conservation or to the local town welfare departments for social issues, or any of the numerous non-profits like MATS, The Grapevine or Shelter From The Storm.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator