Wealthy Elite Democrats, Tax Deductions, and Exemptions are NOT Mandatory!

Throughout the recent debates over raising the debt ceiling and the possible solutions to the USA’s budget deficit problems the battle lines were clear. The Republicans feel there is a spending problem, the Democrats believe we have a revenue problem, that we need to tax more!

President Obama himself along with a number of Hollywood elites such as Matt Damon came out and stated that they could pay more taxes and felt that anyone in their position should pay more taxes.

These “Limousine Progressives” could solve this issue all on their own, it is as simple as not taking all the deductions and exemptions allowed when filing their income taxes. The IRS will not chase them down because they paid too much or didn’t take all the allowable deductions. No, the IRS will just accept their tax returns and cash the check.

Note the key word here is “Allowable” deductions and exemptions. You are allowed deductions and exemptions but you are not forced to take them, they are not mandatory!

Instead of all this faux bluster over raising taxes on everyone, they can solve the issue all by themselves.

So why don’t they?


Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator