Democrat Party Supports Radical Occupy Socialist Agenda

President Obama has already rammed through the nearly complete government takeover of the Healthcare system. President Obama claims he saved General Motors when he actually seized General Motors and turned it over to his campaign supporters, the Auto Workers Unions. It is going to be almost impossible for General Motors to survive now without a continuous stream of taxpayers dollars, such as the 79% of sales made in June 2012 going to the US Government.

These are the first cracks in the Capitalist system, along with the Dodd Frank banking regulations creating 5 “too Big to Fail” banks, and a punitive regulation for all other banks allowing the Government to take them over at any time, in essence socialized government control of these industries.

From the top of the ticket, President Barack Hussein Obama and his Government trickle down policies, to the Senator’s race in Massachusetts with Elizabeth Warren bragging that it was she that first came up with the idea of the Occupy Movement. The NH Governor’s Race with Maggie Hassan promoting raising many new taxes so the State of NH can implement new policies and programs designed to get more people dependent on government. The Congressional candidates Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter both claiming that Obamacare legislation didn’t go far enough, wishing for a single payer system. All are Socialists wanting the government to provide a cradle to grave entitlement system. All were loud and clear supporters of the Occupy Movement.

What else do they all have in common, they are all heavily financed by the Unions. The very same unions that provided the support for the Occupy movements, providing food, water, shelters and people to the movement.

Isn’t this blatant corruption? The Unions represent workers that rely on the elected officials to give them their raises and extremely generous benefits packages. Unlike large corporations that lobby to get the laws and rules changed to tilt the playing field in their favor, the Unions are buying direct quid pro quo with their donations to the politicians.

The choice is clear this November, the Democrats Occupy Movement with the government taking over every aspect of our lives or the Republicans who wish to keep the USA a constitutional Republic based on an economic system of Free Market Capitalism. In the history of the world only Free Market Capitalism based on merit has proven to be a wealth creator for entire nations, the Socialist model always breaks down with mediocrity as its performance model.

The Democrats love labeling every Republican a “Tea Party Radical”. Why haven’t the Republicans painted the Democrats with the Radical Socialist Occupy Movement? The Occupy Movement had huge negatives, was actively supported by the Unionists all of whom support Democrats. An opportunity wasted!