Iran Endorses Obama

Within weeks of the election and a few days before the Foreign Policy debate, the New York Times ‘uncovers’ a story that Iran is seeking talks with the Obama Administration.

What does this mean? Did the Obama Administration once again leak information critical to national security? Is Iran seeking to influence the USA Presidential election so they get to negotiate with the President of their choosing? What does this say about the Obama Administration and their handling of foreign Policy?

I suspect it is a combination of the above factors. Iran is concerned that if the USA elects a stronger President regarding foreign policy they may actually have to abide by the sanctions we imposed. Unlike with the Obama Administration who has given Iran a number of exceptions such as the sale of oil to China, the Romney Administration may be tougher to get exceptions to the sanctions. A Romney Administration may be a lot stronger in their support of Israel, than the Obama Administration who recently felt it more important to be on “The View” campaigning than meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister.

No matter the reason, it sure has a smell about it that reeks of corruption and failure in the Obama Administration. It also clearly points out that the USA under Obama’s “Appease and Please from our Knees” foreign policy looks weak and malleable to foreign nations.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura