Is Benghazi Fast and Furious II?

All the covering up, deflecting and misdirecting makes me wonder what is it they are afraid we will find out.

One big possibility is the haphazard application of foreign policy. While we are fighting the Al Qaida, Taliban and other Muslim extremists in Afghanistan and Iraq, we simultaneously supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya. The Obama Administration wants us to believe that the Brotherhood is not connected with the other Muslim groups. The evidence clearly points to the Brotherhood being just another extremist group, loosely aligned with the Al Qaida organization.

A mixed foreign policy message does happen in our type Democracy; with the changing leadership, we get changing foreign policy. The changing world adds to this confusion.

Formerly we had a pretty consistent foreign policy regarding the Middle East from 1948 through the 1980’s. Defend the Middle East from encroachment of Russian brand communism. Russia is no longer the greatest threat it is now Radical Islam!

This leads us to what did we give for support to the Muslim Brotherhood in their fight during the Arab Spring awakening. Intelligence gathering by our Drones, and weaponry to fight against the forces of Qadaffi and Mubarak are the most likely.

Finally we can ask, “Was the Ambassador and his security staff killed with American supplied weaponry?”

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Bob DeMaura