Hurricane Sandy – A Man Created Disaster!

The disaster of the event is that most of the damage and problems are to infrastructure put in harms way by people. Dense housing on Barrier islands, industrial infrastructure built on land created by filling in the bays and estuaries of the coast.

Just like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, promises have been made to go ahead and rebuild the same stuff in the same places. In New Orleans, we are putting housing in sections that are actually “below sea level”, protected by levees. Shouldn’t we have moved those neighborhoods out to higher ground?

Just like Hurricane Katrina, a number of people ignored the warnings to evacuate. These are the same people screaming the loudest that they are desperate for help. Incredulously, there were calls into EMS the very next morning, less than 24 hours later, demanding rescue because they didn’t have any food. You telling us that you made the stupid decision to ride out the storm but you didn’t consider stocking up on a few necessities?

Hurricane Sandy is vindicating President George W. Bush and what he did for New Orleans. President Bush had to work with a Democrat Governor of Louisiana and a Democrat Mayor of New Orleans who refused to ask their residents to begin evacuations in light of a Category 5 Hurricane coming right at them. It wasn’t until a day before, that the leadership in Louisiana asked their residents evacuate. President Bush was smart enough not to try to go to New Orleans in the midst of the rescues President Obama had to be told to stay away please!

Finally it is tragic that so many of those who made that bad decision to stay behind and wait out the storm, have died. A week before President Obama asked the elected leaders to encourage evacuations. With the knowledge learned from Katrina almost every elected official, Democrat or Republican, went along with the Presidents recommendations and asked the residents to evacuate. Still people refused to leave and have died!

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