Hurricane Sandy – Was Not Irrefutable Evidence of Man Caused Climate Change

Not even 24 hours and people like Al Gore, Gov Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg, had declared this to be evidence of Man Caused Climate Change. Note they have all, to a person, adopted the new lingo calling it Climate Change and Not Global Warming. They either got the memo to follow the party line or they finally realized that the Warming Alarmist had put them in a bad position, representing something that wasn’t true, there was no Global Warming.

Not that anyone of Al Gore’s ethics will actually come out and admit that the numbers he used in his book and movie were doctored numbers. That he was almost 100% wrong on his theories about “Global Warming” will not get him to come out and cut off his Cash Cow that has increased his wealth from $10 million to $100 million in a very short time.

Come on folks lets be real here, Hurricane Sandy was a Category 1 storm in hurricane season! Yes, it did get to build to a large mass due to the intersection of other conditions, the gravitational pull of a Full Moon, and the more winter like Jet Stream Trough that resembled our typical Nor’Easter patterns. But it still was a category 1 in season!

Work Hard, Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura