November 6, 2012 RIP BiPartisanship; Occupiers Suspected!

Perhaps one of the least understood parts of yesterdays voting was the double loss of two of the most Bi-Partisan members of Congress, Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and NH CD-2 Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH).

Whenever you talk to people about politics and Washington DC they always mention “Why can’t they just work together”. Yesterday we received our answer; Because the electorate continues to elect Hyper Partisan Democrats such as Anne Kuster (D-NH CD2) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Both of these candidates were heavy supporters of the Occupy movement with Elizabeth Warren claiming she created it! They will undoubtedly sport voting records in the high Ninety Percent range. For Kuster she will vote like Hodes did, 95% with the Party and 100% the way the Party Leadership tells them to vote.

Sadly the Democrats have been trending to the Hyper-Partisan mode for some time now. Key milestone was throwing Leiberman under the bus in Connecticut for praising John McCain. Leiberman went on to win as an Independent. Joe was the last of the Democrats that knew how to cross the aisle.

Plus as an added bonus here in New Hampshire we got Hyper-Partisan Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH CD1), another heavy supporter of the Occupy Movement. Shea-Porter’s voting record was even more partisan than Paul Hodes.

I’m still wondering where the ads were with the voice over talking about how each of these folks were Occupiers while showing pictures from the Occupy Movement, the filth, the crime, the lack of ideas and ambition!

Work Hard Have Fun

Bob DeMaura

PS. The wife and I had two plans set-up, one for if Romney won, another if Obama Won. At 8am today, we began implementing Plan B The Obama Solution!