Juliana Bergeron For National Committeewoman

The NH Republican State committee has a significant decision to make this Saturday. What a great position to be in having two dedicated, committed, enthusiastic, and talented women running for the National Committeewoman position.

Representative Tucker is a rising star in the NH GOP, no doubt about it. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at a recent Hillsborough County meeting and she lived up to the expectations. Ms. Tucker is committed to conservative values, and has risen rapidly since elected.

Ms Bergeron has been a tireless worker at the city and county levels. Ms Bergeron leads the Keene city committee in Cheshire County. She should be awarded some sort of medal for bravery in combat, Keene is downright hostile to conservative values. The Keene Sentinel reports everything from the Progressive Liberal viewpoint.

Reflecting on the past year, I’m concerned that we as a group failed to consider that these elections are for the maximum benefit of the party not to gather seats and titles for individuals. Personality is extremely important in these decisions, we need to match the personality type with the job expectations. With Jack Kimball we went with the person who was the most dynamic, but that was a characteristic favorable to someone seeking elected office not a key cog in the party apparatchik. Both the party and Jack Kimball are still recovering, getting their mojo back!

I see the same issue with Ms Tucker. Here we have an already elected official, with personality, and intelligence. She could well be a key candidate in future elected positions, positions where we will be seeking such a person. Perhaps a Republican woman Governor or US Senator or Representative!

The National Committeewoman position is much like the city and county positions Ms Bergeron has held. It operates in relative obscurity, the person must be able to work tirelessly with little to no personal aggrandizement. God bless Phyllis Woods but outside of people who are involved at the party level she is an unknown person.

For the benefit of the party I will be voting for Juliana Bergeron for National Committeewoman. Ms. Tucker please know that I respect you tremendously and will do all I can out in the Monadnock region to get you elected to whatever State or National position you desire.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator