SEIU – Stupid Employees International Union

I recently saw a video of 5 middle aged, overweight women, with purple SEIU hats, waddling towards the Supreme Court building to join with other Union members marching in support of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). The high powered microphones picked up on the conversation. It went something like this:

1st Woman : You got $20 Bucks?

2nd Woman: Yes!

3rd, 4th and 5th Women: Yeah, we did too!

1st Woman: Where did you go to get it?

2nd Woman: Its in the Brown Envelope!

1st Woman: Oh, I haven’t opened mine yet!

So what is wrong with this? Well for one they are being paid to “protest march”! Now that is truly Astroturfing, Ms Pelosi!

Next it is $20. It seems to be a ridiculously low amount for all the time and effort these women will have to put in to satisfy their union bosses! Whatever happened to “Paying a Livable Wage”? I’m guessing they made about $2/hour or less!

Then there is the fact that this was their money to begin with, since the SEIU extracted it from their paychecks!

Once at the protest site, they started chanting and carried signs with the same message “Leave My Healthcare Alone!” Are they really that uninformed or just stupid! SEIU along with 1000+ other like organizations and corporations that employ union members have been granted waivers, exempting them from Obamacare until 2014! That means their current health insurance does not cover slacker young adults until they are 26, even though they left school at 18! They do not cover Pre-Existing conditions until 2014. Their health insurance is not the health insurance they are demanding they be allowed to keep. The SEIU bosses duped them!

Unlike my wife and me whose health insurance premiums have doubled since Obamacare was “deemed” passed, though it never received the 60% Senate approval needed to pass a law in America!

Would anyone be surprised that after their years of service, these women are still cleaning toilets!

Shouldn’t the SEIU Bosses be charged with “Exploiting the Mentally Challenged”!


Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura