Planned Parenthood Mission Accomplished – Now Off the Dole!

One of the big issues I find with government is they never seem to know when to stop a program or service. They have trouble recognizing that the goals have been met and the government can now step aside. I realize this has a lot to do with people protecting their fiefdoms. This is one area where the private sector excels and the government fails, knowing when to close down a program no longer needed.

When I was in college in a small, blue-collar city in the early 1970s a Dr. Bill Baird of Planned Parenthood came to speak about Planned Parenthood and why it was so important that they get a clinic opened in this city.

Dr. Baird stressed that it wasn’t a fair system. All the doctors were rich white men, so getting a D&C (dilation and curettage) to terminate a pregnancy was only available to the upper class white people. People of color or of poor socio-economic circumstances were not able to acquire the same “health care” that these upper class white women were receiving. Part of the exclusion could have been the cost though I don’t know that for certain, it seems reasonable to believe that it wasn’t covered by the average insurance policy and required a cash payment.

I had a flashback to 1965. I had injured my ankle at football practice the evening before and the coach told me to get an x-ray in the morning to make sure nothing was broken. While sitting in the waiting room at the small community hospital, The Mom of the Captain of the football team came into the reception area with the Captain’s girlfriend. The Mom stated that they were there for an appointment with Dr. “A” for a D&C for the girlfriend. I had no clue what this was about but I did know that D&C’s were medical procedures done for “female” issues. I also thought it quite strange that this young girl would be there with her boyfriends Mom and not her own Mom or Dad. I filed it away as something important but currently unknown as to why it was important.

The Captain’s family was fairly well off small business owners, they owned a trucking company. It all came together; I was in possession of knowledge that what Dr. Baird was talking about was absolutely true. Rich white people could get things taken care of that poor or moderate income people or people of color could not.

Now it is 40 years later. Doctors now come in all colors, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds. There are healthcare centers with a diversity of practitioners available in even the more remote areas. All women should be able to affiliate with a doctor or healthcare practitioner for their healthcare needs. It is a cornerstone of all the various healthcare solutions that every citizen has access to a practitioner. Dropping in on clinics and emergency rooms for healthcare is discouraged.

I can see no reason that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t compete for clients along with all the rest of the OB/GYN practices throughout he land. Subsidizing one practice over all the others is no longer necessary nor is it fair.

For Republicans, defunding Planned Parenthood is a critical issue. Getting the issue of pregnancy termination off Main Street and back up to Hospital Hill would be a great first step towards developing a cogent and rational strategy for the regulation of these medical procedures. In our Republic, medical practice regulation is at the State level, although the American Patient Affordable Care Act has certainly crossed those borders. Turn this issue from a social issue back into a medical issue between a Healthcare practitioner and their client.

Then there is the corruption issue, which is so blatant. Taxpayer money given to an organization (Planned Parenthood) that then gives some of it back to the very politicians that voted to give it to them in the first place. Close down this campaign funding with taxpayer money pipeline!

Recently while speaking with a candidate for the NH Senate he told me he was against all abortions. I asked if he was talking about banning all D&C’s or just specific instances, he was baffled. He didn’t know what a D&C was or what medical situations called for a D&C. A good case made for putting this issue back to Hospital Hill!

For certain, we must respect those that are offended by all pregnancy termination techniques including stopping it before it happens with contraceptives or with medicines that cause the process to stop before the pregnancy begins. They shouldn’t participate themselves and Church affiliated organizations shouldn’t be forced to provide these services to their charges. If they owned their health insurance they could pick a plan that doesn’t cover these services, others could pay the extra required to cover them in their policies.

For those who believe in pregnancy termination they should be able to acquire the legal services of a medical practitioner. The issue of when the pregnancy has passed the point where the fetus has grown into a child is one for the medical ethics committees and subject to State legislative oversight and regulation. Infanticide should remain illegal, including terminating the life of a viable baby for the purpose of terminating pregnancy. Birth terminates pregnancy! There are many people searching for adoptable children including gay couples!

As for the Republicans, they should review their “Platform” from 1964 & 1968 and adopt the same stance on pregnancy termination as they had back then!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura