Will MSM Poll Skewing Hurt Obama?

It has become blatantly clear that the MSM and College polling organizations are skewing polling data to reflect the outcome they prefer. It is something “Progressives” are well known for doing, just look at the debacle that Global Warming has been. The IPCC had to take a new view now calling it Climate Change. Al Gore should rename his book “Inconvenient To Tell The Truth”. (Google Climategate, Climate Gate, or Climate-Gate).

Will this skewing of data points help or hinder the President on his mission for a second term. I believe that this will seriously cripple the Obama Campaign and here’s why I think that way.

Republicans are desperate to get Obama and his Socialist agenda out of the White House. If the MSM shows that Romney is trailing in the polls the hard core Republicans will start ponying up a bit more cash for Mitt to spend, as well as kick some towards the PACs to make more damaging ads attacking President Obama .

Then there is the problem with the ‘Get out the Vote’ efforts. Relying on Students, Hispanics and Blacks to carry his campaign to victory the last thing President Obama needs right now is for the MSM to be so positive that he is winning, it will dampen the enthusiasm of these voters. Voters that are not accustomed to voting just because it is their duty, they need motivation to get to the polls. Telling them that the candidate they would vote for is far ahead is a sure fire way to get them to stay away.

Now off to write that check to the Romney Campaign!

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator