Ms Fluke, It’s About Making Choices and Accepting Responsibility For The Outcome!

I’m quite certain that Ms Sandra Fluke, the latest tool of the Democrat Party, is Pro-Choice. Ms Fluke believes that her right to choose trumps the rights of others to choose.

Georgetown University chose to omit coverage of abortificants, abortion procedures, and the various “Birth Control” medications and devices. These items and procedures are not part of the tenets of their religion. In fact, they are highly offensive to devout practitioners of their form of Christian religion.

Ms Fluke chose to go to Georgetown University. She made a poor choice considering her need for reproductive healthcare insurance. She had many other universities in the immediate area that would have met her reproductive needs. Heck, just ten minutes away, separated by a residential area sits American University.

Ms Fluke has been constantly whining that her rights should have trumped the rights of others. That she should have been taken care of even though she made the choice to go to a Christian school that didn’t offer reproductive insurance coverage in their policies.

Sorry, but as a 30+ year old woman, it is time for you to take responsibility for your decisions. Georgetown University doesn’t owe you a thing. They never tried to hide this information from you nor to defraud you.

I watched you speak and I couldn’t help but get this feeling that this is your “Opportunity” by volunteering to be a tool of another “Obama Campaign” divert and divide tactic.

Ms Fluke’s situation wouldn’t exist if we fixed the real failure in the “Healthcare Insurance Industry”. We do not own our health insurance, thus we don’t get to pick what we want in our plan. It is decided by someone else that owns the plan.

Work Hard Have Fun!

Bob DeMaura