Speaker Boehner - A Debt Ceiling Increase for a 30% Federal Employee Headcount Reduction

Speaker Boehner, lets get real here, entitlement reforms are your negotiating position in the tit-for-tat negotiations? No wonder you are getting your ass handed to you.

Trust me I’m all for entitlement reforms, but its too serious an issue to be handled in a six week period of crisis negotiating. I want a concerted effort put in by the entire Congress to hammer out real reforms like converting Social Security, and in fact all public employee pensions into Defined Contribution Plans owned by the citizens. There is a clear example here, the Government through the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation a GSE, has been converting private businesses from Defined Benefit Pension plans to 401K Defined Contribution Plans for the past 40 years, because they are unsustainable.

A Debt Ceiling increase in exchange for a 30% headcount reduction of Federal Employees with an immediate hiring freeze everywhere except the Presidents Cabinet and the US Military. That’s a winning negotiating position. The effects are immediate the savings substantial.

The savings will multiple when various departments have to put economy killing regulatory actions aside because the employees pushing it are no longer employed. Other departments such as the Department of Education will have to consider just issuing straight education grants to the States, cutback on their overreach into the States business.

Speaker Boehner, Minority Senate Leader McConnell, show the American people you are serious, pick a serious but accomplishable goal, and don’t back down. The Headcount reduction is a really good issue because it fits so well with the closure of the government when they run out of money by March 1st. The closure will provide proof that you can run the government with far fewer employees, strengthening your negotiating position.


Work Hard Have Fun!


Bob DeMaura

NHInsider Owner/Operator