Impeach Valerie Jarrett!

It has become increasingly clear that so called President Obama is really just a pretty face and a good campaign fundraiser/speaker. He is clueless when it comes to running a large government entity. His Administration knows this is true so they keep him insulated and in the dark on all critical issues.

Barack Obama didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious Guns For Drug Cartel program, the “punish our enemies using the IRS” scandal, “Michelle Obama’s College friends doesn’t work” scandal, NSA Spying on America program, nor any of the Department of Justice scandals under Eric Holder.

They send Barack out on campaign tours and speaking engagements (Can you believe he is actually going to shutdown Boston to accommodate him on Game 6 night of the World Series) or out to one of the many US Government owned golf courses for 18 or 36 holes depending on however long the real power in the White House needs to handle a specific situation.

Some of the Main Stream Media types are finally starting to take a closer look at how our government is progressing on a path certain to tyranny!

We all know that Vice-President Biden is kept clueless as well and certainly kept under tight control to limit the damage he can do in a single public appearance.

That leaves Valerie Jarrett the most trusted White House Insider and Advisor running the country! She is taking us down the road to a dictatorship and President for Life type situation like her good friend Hugo Chavez had.

Join the Impeach Valerie Jarrett Movement!


Bob DeMaura