Obamacare’s Biggest Lie, It Never Passed A Senate Vote!

Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act never passed a US Senate vote. It takes 60 votes to pass legislation out of the US Senate, and Obamacare only got 54 Yes votes. Senate President Harry Reid used an arcane loophole in the rules to “deem” Obamacare passed with a simple majority and moved the bill to President Obama for his signature.

Never before had any legislation passed using this loophole. This was Chicago style thug politics bullying tactic by President Obama and Senate President Harry Reid to avoid the bill failing. No different from today the bill was not ready and needed much review and revision but they instead forced a 2200 page abomination of a bill through with the promise of a reform later once we saw what was in it. Well later is here and they still refuse to negotiate any portion of the bill, while simultaneously rewarding friends of the regime with deferments and exemptions from the law. Which in itself is illegal as it is the job of Congress not the Office of President to impose legislative authority.

This could prove to be the most destructive part of Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, “Mob Rule” now runs the United States. This reminds me of the situation in Venezuela in the last few decades. First, they passed a few measures like Obamacare where the Government took over huge portions of the economy, in their case it was the energy industry and the media industry. Then they used a simple majority to suspend the constitution and appoint Hugo Chavez as “President For Life”. This was advantageous, as Socialism requires the participation of everyone and the only way to do that and buck human nature’s tendency for self preservation, is through coercion.

The road to Socialism always passes through Dictatorship.